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Outdated software should be a thing of the past

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Rethink Your Enterprise Software

Despite living in a booming digital age, a high percentage of companies across the UK are still using outdated legacy software to carry out daily operations. If you think your business is still depending upon a legacy software system, now is the time to kickstart an all new and greatly improved digital resolution.


Software systems become legacy for a reason. Here are some reasons why an outdated software solution may be doing your enterprise more harm than good.

A Gateway for Cyber Attacks

A Gateway for Cyber Attacks

Outdated software services can be very easy for hackers to crack, as they often don't support the latest security updates. Most malware targets older versions of software, leaving enterprise data extremely vulnerable and exposed to a cyberattack. Business disruptions and leaking of sensitive information issues can harm the reputation and integrity of any business, no matter how big or small.

Reduced Productivity and Performance

Reduced Productivity and Performance

Obsolete legacy software often comes hand in hand with programmes running at a snail's pace. These issues can make the daily functionality and operating of a company increasingly harder and frustrating to undertake. In turn, this can largely affect the overall performance and productivity of employees, leading to a deficiency in time and resources.

Incompatible Systems

Incompatible Systems

When a software service is first created, it is designed to fit to a set of specifications for current hardware and technologies. However, we are living in a quickly evolving technological environment; working with a bespoke software solution will allow regular updates to be produced and released, keeping businesses such as yours up-to-date with the next best technologies.

Here to Help

Clever Software Group's team of software developers are ready and waiting to help rid your company of harmful legacy software. Bid a fond farewell to your behind-the-times software system and craft a software solution that works seamlessly for your business.

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A Multi-Talented Team

Discover more about the people that make the magic happen behind your bespoke software solution. Find out what makes Clever Software Group tick and the team that make us software specialists.

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