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A picture of Andi

Andrew Matthews


Steering our ship is Andi, a self-taught and highly skilled developer who is devoted to tech, family and motorbikes. A keen people person (and lemon tree whisperer), Andi thrives on opening doors, wowing clients and building his dream team.

A picture of Megan

Megan Coombs

Head of Operations

Taking care of quality, client experience and coffee bean supplies, Megan keeps us all topped up with positivity. She is rarely fazed and lights up when talking about her miniature schnauzers and welcoming clients to our studio.

A picture of Mitch

Mitch Price

Project Manager

Heading up project delivery is Mitch, a perfectionist who is all about the detail (and the health tips). Known for going the extra mile, especially for dog walks with his beloved Doberman, Mitch is really rather good at raising smiles.

A picture of Simon

Simon Green

Business Development Manager

Introducing new clients to the wonderful world of bespoke software, Simon enjoys good coffee and conversation. A DIY enthusiast, Simon has all the tools and tech know-how to power up your business.

A picture of David

David Lovell

Senior UX/UI Designer

Leading our design team, David is a greatly experienced creative and adventure seeker. Powered by cake and great ideas, digital wizard David devises user experience magic.

A picture of Paige

Paige Gray

Senior Software Developer

Fine tuning your software is Paige, a multi-talented developer and musician. Logical, creative and always calm, Paige is a technical expert by day and immersed in sculpting, painting and moshing by night.

A picture of Mike

Mike Price

Senior Software Developer

A programming whizz, Mike takes care of clients with native windows software applications. With his eye on the ball, Mike gets his kicks playing rugby and sharing his vast knowledge with the team.

A picture of Duke

Doukas Kosmopoulos

UI/ UX Designer

Crafting ace user experiences is music fanatic Doukas. Design is his passion, coffee is his religion. Words cannot espresso how wonderfully he’ll turn your business processes into a work of art.

A picture of Lara

Lara Matthews

Marketing Manager

Wordsmith Lara loves thinking creatively, nurturing our brand and dishing up our monthly breakfast clubs. She’s written 3 novels and binged every true crime podcast ever made (probably).

A picture of Joe

Joe Berkley

Software Developer

Levelling up your software is Joe, a pro level developer and gamer. Joe looks after system architecture, data migration and everything in-between. A Dungeons and Dragons master, Joe’s strategic thinking always wins the day.

A picture of Annie

Annie Balazs

Software Developer

A proud woman in tech, Annie is dedicated to producing high quality code and being a role model for her children. Annie is a keen explorer and is marvellous at guiding the way through frameworks with gusto.

A picture of Patrick

Patrick Bourne

Junior Software Developer

One of our first Apprentices four years ago, Patrick has a natural aptitude for development and has more than earnt his software stripes. He’s most happy when kayaking on sunny days and keeping his coding skills gliding upstream.

A picture of Leigh

Leigh Eversden

Junior Software Developer

A gifted front-end developer and skateboarder, Leigh perfectly balances the challenges of each software build without breaking a sweat. Leigh takes great pride in his work and reigning supreme of our studio table tennis.

A picture of Mike

Charlie Day

Apprentice Software Developer

Learning the ropes from our talented team, Charlie is a promising programmer with plenty of drive. A daredevil by nature, Charlie gets a thrill out of karting, track days and jumping headfirst into new coding challenges.

A picture of Luke

Luke Livsey

Quality Assurance Tester

Impressively brilliant at problem solving, Luke ensures that software systems are behaving and performing exactly as they should. With plenty of chess moves and karate belts to his name, Luke is a critical thinker and a ninja fast learner.

A picture of Luke

Luke Trim

Quality Assurance Tester

No, you’re not seeing double - Luke (the second) completes our QA power couple. Quick off the mark, Luke is a diehard football fan and team player. Luke’s expert bug catching + fixing = software testing goals.

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