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Looking back at our favourite moments from the last twelve months

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Clever Software Group team enjoying their away day

2021: A Transformative Year for Clever Software Group

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we’re already bidding goodbye to this year when it feels like it’s only just begun! Looking back, we've managed to pack a great deal in and there's no doubting that 2021 has been pretty momentous for our growing software company. Here the team share some of our most memorable highlights...

Pioneering Projects 

We were very fortunate to welcome some wonderful new clients on board in 2021 as well as continuing vital support and development for our existing software partnerships. 

A particular highlight amongst our software developers has been working on a custom build practice management system for a pioneering company in the construction industry. Building a bespoke system from the ground up is a meticulous, complex process, which several of our software developers have found truly rewarding this year. Set to launch in early 2022, this multifaceted project has involved several of our design and development team and close collaboration with key members of the client project team. We’re so excited to see it go live as well as launching some other brilliant new developments, which will make the world of difference to our client’s day to day operations. 

Meeting Face to Face

In the first part of the year, our Ringwood development studio continued its glow up with new furniture, tech equipment, branding, two new coffee machines (needs must) and a new board room being fully kitted out ready for welcoming the team back from their home offices.  Operations Manager Megan fondly remembers when the office started to fill up in Spring and watching the team begin to bond. “In 2021 we welcomed 11 new members of the team, and it’s been amazing to see the office come to life with new faces, each one adding something unique and valuable to our software company. Yes, we made the most of things when working from home, getting to know each other through daily meetings and regular quizzes, but you really can't beat chatting face to face in the same room, eating the same cake.”

Whilst Senior Software Developer James has enjoyed many highlights this year, mentoring junior members of the team and seeing how keen our new Project Administrators and Apprentice Software Developers are to learn has been particularly enjoyable. Even with his years of experience in software development, James notes of the newest team members, “I have learned just as much from them as they have from me.”

Being able to meet face to face with clients again was also a breath of fresh air. Although we are able to manage all communications virtually, there’s nothing quite like site meetings to truly understand how our client’s businesses operate. Project Administrator Lawrence particularly enjoyed a visit to London to meet with a surveyor from our client Access Able to see first-hand how they use their app to assess venues.  “It was really great to be encouraged to get a first-hand look at how our clients operate, which helped me gain a much deeper understanding of their business processes and get to know the clients better personally. I was struggling to get my head around some concepts until I saw them happen in real life, so meeting clients as they use their software is invaluable experience.”

Epic Days Out

Stepping away from the desks and sharing experiences is a key part of our team's development; a chance to bond and boost morale. Horse racing, car racing and a maritime themed away day were all enjoyed in the second half of the year. UI Designer Doukas especially loved visiting Silverstone in July to watch the British Formula 1, describing it as “an unreal experience”. Having spent so long living at a slower pace, it was amazing to get back in the fast lane and appreciate days out with brand new eyes. 

In October we were treated to a superb Saturday at Ascot. Dressed in our glad rags, we braved the rain and soaked up the thrilling atmosphere of the Autumn Racing Weekend event. Although no big wins were had on the day, it was brilliant fun to let our hair down and unleash our competitive streaks!   

With a year of significant change and growth, our Company Update in November was themed around our future plans to Make Waves. Full of talks from our management team reporting on progress and plans, team building activities, and even a glitzy award ceremony, the overnight stay was a terrific way to celebrate such an extraordinary year. Junior Software Developer Leigh, who was also crowned our Clever Clog of the year due to his fantastic hard-work and progress, names the Away Day as his highlight of the year. 

This year we also started training for our Three Peaks challenge for Tall Ships, who create opportunities for disavantaged young people in the UK. Aiming to raise much-needed funds for the Portsmouth based charity, we will be climbing three mountains in 24 hours (yes we still feel quite giddy every time we read that!). We’re excited to brave the elements and continue our training regime in January, trekking across the beautiful Hampshire and Dorset countryside, building up to the big day in June! Find out more about the challenge and how you can sponsor the team here. 

Taking Great Leaps

In December, we enjoyed some fun-filled festive activities and even managed to squeeze in a Christmas night out. We also celebrated our five year anniversary, a fantastic milestone to mark, particularly with all the challenges that the pandemic has presented. For Company Director Andi, he’s enjoyed reflecting back on how far Clever Software has come.

“Building on our foundations, we’ve managed to take great leaps as a business in 2021. It’s been transformative for our software development company. It's far from easy growing a business in the current climate with so much uncertainty round every corner. However, we've continued to overcome challenges and I’m hugely proud of what we’ve all achieved and super excited for everything we have lined up next year. Whether that’s going live with projects, welcoming some awesome new local clients and seeing our team go from strength to strength, there’s so much to look forward to in 2022.”

That's a wrap on 2021! It's been a memorable year in which we've learned and grown beyond measure. Our amazing clients and team have been at the centre of each achievement and milestone, and we're so excited to make shiny new memories in the New Year!

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