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3 Reasons You Should Become a Software Developer

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3 reasons to become a software developer

Join the Digital Resolution and Become a Software Developer

We are now in the midst of 2021 and things are well and truly looking up. Having a pint in the beer garden is just out of reach, but the prospect of enjoying a cold one after work is very much insight. The team is quickly expanding here at Clever Software Group, with the addition of 3 brand new, shiny software developers. We are thrilled to welcome them to the team, allowing us to expand our horizons further and embark on multiple exciting projects.

Our growth comes at a paramount time in the software and tech industry. Technology is transforming at a rapid rate and there is a general mass desire and demand for software developers across every industry imaginable. We all interact with some form of bespoke software development on a daily, if not hourly basis and that is thanks to the work of software developers, such as ours. So, without further ado, here are 3 reasons why we think you should become a software developer, if you have ever been curious about doing so.


1. Software developer jobs are everywhere!

No, really. The field of bespoke software development has become bigger and better than ever, thanks to the rise of the digital transformation boom. This has caused a soar in the demand for software development roles, with more and more being created each and every day. However, there is currently a skills shortage and there isn’t enough developers to fill the void of software projects that need to be designed and built. The requirement of software products isn’t a trend this is going to subside anytime soon, and companies are always on the lookout to welcome new developers to their teams. You don’t need a degree or any qualifications to become a software developer, you simply need to know how to code. There are hundreds of online courses available and many apprenticeships in place that will teach you what you need to know, but a staggering 60% of developers have expressed that they are self-taught. If learning to code is something that you have been interested in for a while, now is the time to do it.

Whether you used a mobile app today, made a contactless payment instore or created an online booking for a meal outside on 12th April, a software developer has been the genius behind that infrastructure. This is something you may have never considered before, but so much detail has gone into the piece of software you have interacted with. Learning how to code is now more important than ever; it would not only allow you to expand your skill base, but also enable you to interact with the latest and greatest technologies, as well as up and coming code languages. You would be at the forefront of an industry that is taking the world by storm. On a side note, software development doesn’t pay too bad either. Due to supply and demand, the field offers very competitive salaries, which adds an extra element of attraction to a software developer position.

The bespoke software development industry is incredibly fast paced and ever changing, but offers a strong element of job security. Whether you would want to work freelance or as an inhouse developer, the world is crying out for software developers. By 2030, it is predicated that there will be 45 million software developers worldwide. So if not now, when – become a part of the digital resolution.



2. Solve puzzles on a daily basis

Software development very much involves solving problems and navigating tasks in a structured manner, which is fantastic for improving cognitive abilities. But software development is about so much more than finding complex solutions and algorithms that onlookers may find confusing and overwhelming. It is about creating beautiful, well-tailored solutions that are easy to interact with and a pleasure for end users to use. You can become savvy with your development skills and create futureproof solutions that can be easily adapted with changing work environments and requirements. The way the world works is changing, and you could be apart of the adaption process.

Software developers are naturally inquisitive beings and will be able to express creative outlets through the work they produce. However, not everything needs to be designed from scratch and as your skills progress, you will become resourceful and consider tools you have already implemented. Bespoke software development is an incredibly broad field, ranging from web design to app development and cloud database migration. You will be able to interact with and explore revolutionary technologies and create a repertoire of invaluable skills.




3. A social profession 

Of course, bespoke software development does not come without the challenges and frustrations, but what profession doesn’t?

A massive misconception attached to this career path is that it is isolated and lonely. This isn’t the case at all. There are vast communities of online forums and blog sites, set up purely for developers to support each other and influence each other’s skill sets. Software development is incredibly human-centred; it is created by humans to be used by humans. We all interact with some form of software throughout the day, that has been created with us in mind. Even if you decide to work remotely, you will still be in contact with various individuals throughout frequently, whether that be external team members or clients. You will want to ensure the needs and satisfactions of your stakeholders and their end users are being met, so naturally you’ll be in regular contact with them.

You would also have the opportunity to go out on your own and create a software product that could be sold on the wider market, commercially. This would open up amazing opportunities for networking, whether that be virtually or in person (at some point in the not too distant future). This would bring in an additional social aspect to the role and allow you to create some fantastic connections across multiple industries, something that would be invaluable to your career.

There are so many amazing job opportunities within the world of bespoke software development, all of which allow huge reward and prospects of progression, personal satisfaction and reassurance that you are apart of a revolutionary field, that is altering the fate of the world.

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