5 in Demand Tech Skills

The most valuable skills to have within the tech industry right now

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5 in demand tech skills

5 skills taking the tech industry by storm

The tech industry is notoriously fast-moving and incredibly fluid in its practices. As a custom software development company, this is something we are highly aware of and endeavor to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies.

However, there has been a massive alteration regarding the working environment within the tech industry over the past 12 months, as more positions have moved to a remote working style. This shift and an increasing reliance on tech related products has highlighted some of the most in demand skill bases, required within the field of tech and software development in 2021.


1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a term that keeps cropping up and a topic that you may become tired hearing about. However, this is for good reason. The cloud is currently taking the tech and software development industry by storm; it has already revolutionized the way hundreds of thousands of companies operate.

A staggering number of businesses and organizations are relying on cloud-based services and solutions every single day. This is a trend that isn’t going to subside anytime soon. With the likes of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services carving out a path for others to follow, the demand for cloud solutions will only continue to grow throughout 2021 and beyond.

A prolific amount of businesses of all shapes and sizes are moving online, whether that be due to the covid-19 pandemic or otherwise. This has caused a surge in the demand for cloud-based engineers and developers, as companies move away from the more traditional server-based systems.

Cloud software has opened the door to allowing companies to easily scale their infrastructures, with little to no hassle, as well as providing access to information in real-time. These practices have become paramount over the past year, as globally work forces have moved to remote working.


2. Project Management

Project management has been around in some form or another since day dot, but really planted its roots in the 1950s. Now, a new hybrid form of project management and organization is starting to take form, with some of the work force returning to the office, whilst others continue to work from home.

Although this may sound like a logistical nightmare, it has lead to an increased requirement for project management prospects. New job opportunities in the field are set to rise to 22 million positions by 2027.

The demand for efficient and impactful project managers has increased substantially over the past 10 years, even more so over the past 12 months, due to the increase in work forces operating from home. Project managers are key figures in ensuring teams feel connected and are communicating affectively, whilst guaranteeing the needs and requests of stakeholders are being met.  

Being able to respond quickly and calmly to changing situations, whilst communicating requirements to in-house teams and external members across virtual platforms, are soft skills not to be sniffed at. Project managers are honing their already existing abilities, such as agile and scrum approaches and remolding them to shepherd a project through the goal posts, to adapt to new working conditions.


3. Mobile App Development

Society is becoming increasingly more reliant on smart devices to carry out menial tasks. People spend on average 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones on a daily basis; this time is only predicated to rise.

Companies that offer access to a mobile-based apps are noting direct correlations between an expansion of customer bases and an increase in sales. Nearly everyone on the planet owns or at least has access to a smart device, so it only seems natural for a company to develop a relevant app that coincides with the product they are selling.

Experience in mobile app development is one of the most in demand skills within the software development industry, at the moment. There is a dyer need for more software developers in general, as there is currently a short in supply and demand, as the globe becomes more digitally connected. App development is by no means a new profession, but digital transformation has become a necessity for so many businesses, due to recent events. This has caused the need for app and software developers to rise.


4. Cyber Security

It is imperative for companies to keep sensitive information supplied by users and customers, in secure networks. There has recently been a rise in the number of cyber attacks and crime taking place; it is vital that precautions are put in place to prevent these situations from happening.

Despite there being an acute focus on cyber security within the tech and software development sector, there is a mass shortage of professionals with the necessary skills to meet the high demand currently required. Cyber security and encryption precautions are paramount for every online business to have in place. A cyber attack is capable of crippling a company and with so much at stake, developers are desperately required with appropriate cyber security skills.

This skill base is taken incredibly seriously within the tech industry and is on that cannot be overlooked or pushed aside.


5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

More roles requiring the skills to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are predicated to grow rapidly over the next 5 years, as more and more technology becomes integrated with the software systems. To coincide with this shift in demand, software developers with AI and ML skills are on course to have access to the highest paying positions within the bespoke software development industry.

AI and ML have already begun to transformation a multitude of businesses and as the technology becomes more widely used, more and more industries will become enhanced by it each year. These aspects of tech are still considered to be relatively new fields within the software industry and are arguably still in their infant stages. Less professionals populate positions within these disciplines, compared to other regions of the software and tech industry.

Natural language processing tech is a pioneering trade and is rapidly transitioning into a very lucrative one. There are still so many new, exciting opportunities and territories to explore within this field; the only requirement is the skills and knowhow to become apart of it.



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