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A Day in the Life of A Digital Marketing Executive

What a Digital Marketing Executive Gets Up to on a Daily Basis

Having joined Clever Software Group in January, I began my position at the custom software development company remotely. This was a very new experience, having been used to office working, but the entire team quickly made me feel very welcome, making the WFH experience much easier to adjust to. We returned back to the office towards the end of March this year and it was such a joy to finally meet everyone in person. Everyone looks so different in person, as opposed to on a screen! 

As a Digital Marketing Executive, I look after all on and offline campaigns, social media channels, SEO, pay per click advertising, as well as writing blogs and articles that revolve around all things Clever Software Group. 

Having never worked in the bespoke software development industry before joining Clever Software Group, it has been very eye opening to see first-hand the depth of detail and manhours that goes into each and every custom software project. I’m in awe of the work the software developers craft – their talent is incredible. 

Each day differs greatly for me, depending on what campaigns are running and if Clever Software Group has had any article requests. But as Monday begins the week, I’ll give you a rundown of what a typical start to the week looks like for me. 

First Coffee of the Day

I normally arrive in the office around 8.15am, to make sure I make the most of the morning. I’ll sort out some breakfast, make a coffee (we are coffee fiends in the Clever Software office) and will log on for the day. First things first, I’ll check through my emails and see if any editorial or advertising requests have come through. I’ll also scan to see if any new client leads have approached us – this is always very exciting and something I always look forward to. I also love a good list, so I will plan out what I need to achieve over the course of a day. It’s nice to look back at the end of play and see a checklist completed. 

At 9am, we have our ‘Daily Stand Up’, run by Head of Operations, Megan. In this session, we cover what each member of the team completed the previous day (in the case of Monday, we go over what took place the previous Friday). These SCRUM sessions usually take around 30 minutes and give a really good insight into what each individual member of the Clever Software team is working on. There are various projects taking place at once, so it’s really helpful to know what the UI designer and software developers are spending time on. 

After this, I will check how Clever Software Group’s SEO is doing; for this I use Google Analytics and SEMRush. Both give me a very in-depth overviews of how the company is performing and from this, I can plan out campaigns and social media schedules in accordance. SEO is a vital element of digital marketing, especially when it comes to Google rankings. It’s my job to make sure we are staying ahead of the curve and are visible to potential future prospects. 

We are currently living in a major digital boom. Covid-19 spurred on a radical digital transformation across so many industries that were perhaps a little behind the times. Custom software development has allowed them to play catch up. In this respect, (and without sounding too bias), the bespoke software services Clever Software Group offer are second to none and will be the driving force behind so many upcoming custom software solutions. 



At this point on a Monday (after another coffee or two), I will start to plan out Clever Software Group’s social media schedule, for the week ahead. I make sure to cover any exciting events that are taking place in the office, give an overview of the software services we offer and share any news or updates. Content shared on social media platforms should be fun and exciting for viewers to engage with, so I take this heavily into consideration when planning. 

I’m very reliant on my notebook, it’s second nature to me. As my work is very screen-heavy, I relish in being able to use physical, tangible methods to write things down. Because of this, I will write down the social media plan in my notebook, firstly with a quick overview of what I would like to post on each day. Secondly, I will write out a section of copy for each post, before tailoring it to each specific social media platform. The tone of voice for each channel is slightly different, so it is something I need to be mindful of. 

To follow this, I will pair a relevant photo to go with the copy for each post. In some cases, I will need to create a bit of artwork to coincide; this is mainly for blog posts or the ‘CSG Phrase of the Week’. I try and be as flexible as possible with scheduling social media posts, just in case events change throughout the week and we need to share something that’s taking place within the company. However, I will start to schedule posts using an online tool called Hootsuite. It’s very useful, as I can access it from multiple devices, to make changes to content if required and can schedule numerous posts at a time. This is very beneficial, especially if I’m out of the office or have a very busy week at work. 



Lunch Time

I take my lunch around 12pm. I try and spend as much time away from my screen as possible, during my lunch break. I may take a walk around Ringwood, the town in which Clever Software Group is based, or bring a book to read. It is so important to have time away from your screen and desk, especially if your work is greatly reliant on both of these aspects. A short time away can be very refreshing and act as a reset, allowing a much more productive work pattern when you return after lunch. 

As we move into the summer months, I’m looking forward to spending my lunch break outside. I plan on sitting outside the office with a picnic rug, good food and a juicy book to read, to make the most of the warm weather. A change of scenery can do a world of good. 


Nearly Home Time

After lunch, I will usually spend some time reviewing the performance of our pay per click campaigns (PPC). I will typically do this on a Monday at the beginning of the month, to refresh copy content and SEO. I will research what keywords we are best ranking for and apply these to our PPC campaigns, to ensure potential clients can view us when our website, when they search for phrases that match our keywords. There’s a definite art to SEO and content writing and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy. 

If I have received any editorial or article requests regarding Clever Software Group, I like to spend a good portion of the afternoon planning out the structure of a piece of writing. Again, I will use my notebook to make notes on what specific features I would like to write about. Clever Software Group has recently had a few editorial pieces featured on various news sites; you can read the latest article here

I like to plan out articles in the afternoon, so that on return to the office the following morning, I have a fresh outlook on the desired content. I will write the piece out in full by hand, before typing it up. This allows me to edit copy thoroughly and create various iterations of an article. Once I’m happy with the content, I will proofread before sending it off to its destined end point. It is such great feeling to see articles featuring Clever Software Group published online or in print – I joke about framing newspaper articles featuring the company and hanging them on the wall. But being given recognition for the amazing work that is carried out by the incredible team that surrounds me is worth celebrating and showing off. 

If you have a bespoke software or database solution that you need help with, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Now is the time to put your digital thinking cap on and create a software system that’ll work wonders for your company – and our team of bespoke customer software developers can help you achieve that.



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