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Clever Software Group Company Update

Setting Course for an Exciting Future

Making Waves

On Friday 12th November, the entirety of Clever Software Group travelled down to Portsmouth to attend the first ever CSG company update. As the event took place in a city which holds a wealth of naval and nautical history, the day revolved around a seafaring theme (so excuse the dodgy puns throughout this piece). So, without further ado, it’s time to make some waves!

After a year of significant growth and with some new team members aboard, the day was an ideal opportunity to celebrate our people, explore the heart of the company and our exciting voyage ahead.

Having all previously received mysterious invites via messages in bottles, the team arrived at The Queens Hotel bright and early. The day was chartered to explore the well navigated waters of the innovative experiences Clever Software Group creates, whilst enhancing the bonds of the team and welcoming new shipmates on board.

All Aboard HMS CSG

Prior to the day’s festivities, the team had been asked to provide a baby photo, which then had to be matched to its adult counterpart. This spurred a small amount of friendly competition within the group, but it was User Interface Designer Doukas, that took the win, matching 9 out of 15 photos correctly! Sticking along the lines of a nautical theme, Doukas picked out a prize from a very well kitted out treasure chest. Doukas won himself a pirate hat and wig… Just envisage Captain Jack Sparrow and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!

To carry on with the team building activities, the team was split into two groups and were asked to explore a customer/company purchasing experience of a luxury yacht (from a well-known Dorset-based brand – any guesses). The separate groups had to present their ideal desired luxury experience to the whole team in a thorough manner. ‘The Winning Team’ won, with Digital Marketing Executive Gemma at the helm, with ‘The Winners’ coming in a close second, lead by Business Development Manager Simon. Again, the winning team were able to dive into the chest of prizes, claiming loot of treasured bottles of wine, some fishy looking chocolates and the swash-buckling game, Pop Up Pirate!

Steering the Ship

The day was filled with delicious food, including an impressive selection of cupcakes and whopping banoffee pies served with lunch.

Company Director Andi and Head of Operations Megan gave presentations throughout the day, laying out the map for the exciting future ahead for Clever Software Group. With intentions for further expansion and the creation of further roles within the bespoke software development company, Megan and Andi have big plans looking into the not so distant future. The team were able to learn the ropes about what is to come and dive deep into becoming brand ambassadors for the company. Digital Marketing Executive Gemma and Business Development Manager Simon also gave a presentation about our prospective Sales and Marketing strategy and how we can all. ‘seas the day.’.

Clever Software Group were also joined by Tall Ships Youth Trust, the charity partners of the Three Peaks Challenge. James, Director of Fundraising and Marketing of the Trust, was joined by Carol, the charity’s Fundraising Officer, to give a presentation on the life changing work the sail training carries out. The time Tall Ships Youth Trust spent with Clever Software Group was very impactful and left a lasting impression on the team, inspiring them to enable the charity even more through fundraising activities.

A Whale of a Time

After a very motivational day, the team made their way to the bar and formed a somewhat orderly queue to order drinks. At the beginning of the evening, a the Clever Clogs Annual Awards took place and it was one for the history books. Six awards were presented in total by Andi and Megan, with a trophy and speech given in tow.

And the winners are… (drum roll please)

Best New Comer: Lawrence Wilson
Lawrence always gets stuck in and has an incredibly positive attitude towards new challenges. No task is too small and he’s been problem solving since day one. He even set a high precedent for new comers, as he turned up on his first day with doughnuts!

Top Team Player: James Mussett
James is always willing to help and always puts time aside to teach and nurture other developer’s skills. He has an excellent ability to juggle different workloads and adapt to new projects, whilst always delivering an exceptional quality of work.

Unsung Hero: Mike Price
Mike is always taking initiative around the office and works tirelessly to complete jobs, often writing ‘a little programme for that’ to make everyone’s lives a little easier. Mike is also renowned for supplying hot sausage rolls in the morning, which always puts a smile on the teams faces’ first thing when they walk into the office.

Clever Clog: Leigh Eversden
Leigh is always thinking of others and commits to finishing a job, even taking it upon himself to self-teach outside of the office to make sure he’s keeping up with the latest and greatest advancements in the software development industry. Leigh has sustained a vast improvement since his first day and it’s been a privilege to see his skill base flourish.

The Clever Clog award will be a monthly event that takes place at Clever Software Group, with the team deciding who has been the best ‘Clever Clog’ of the month.

The Eternal Optimist: Gemma Harvey
Gemma always has a positive impact on the team, bringing in amazing home-made cakes for everyone to enjoy. No challenge is too big and she makes an effort everyday to contribute to the success of Clever Software Group.

Lifetime Achievement: Patrick Bourne
Patrick lives Clever Software Group’s values and is now the longest serving member of the software development team (aside from Andi, of course). Patrick always leads by example and is always quick to help newcomers overcome challenges.

Congratulations to all of the Award winners – We are very proud of your commitment to Clever Software Group and all you do around the office. Leigh may be the first winner of the Clever Clog Award.. but who will be next?!

A Barrel of Laughs

The rest of the evening ensued with an incredible dinner, many drinks, much laughter and an unbeatable atmosphere. Although a relatively new team, it was very obvious that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with everyone outside of the Clever Software Office.

We won’t let you in on what time everyone ended up going to bed; that will be our little secret. But after so long of not being able to spend time in the company of colleagues and friends, the first Clever Software Group company was a well needed tonic.

Now bids the question.. when is the next one? Lots of waves have definitely been made and we are excited to make plenty more!




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