Why Choose Bespoke Software?

Why choose custom software over off the shelf solutions?

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5 Key Benefits of Developing Bespoke Software for Your Business

One question that we get asked time and again is, why should we choose bespoke over an off the shelf solution? 

It’s true that there is a myriad of snazzy off the shelf software applications that can help your business to run smoother, which are all packaged and ready to go. However, those solutions are unlikely to tick all of your boxes. 

Custom-built software is tailored to your exact requirements. Bespoke software developers use technology to improve the operation of a specific business function whether that be streamlining resource allocation, recording your data, tracking workloads, or improving visibility. 

Software that is created specifically for your business will open up a world of new opportunity. Here, we take a look at the ways in which custom software is more beneficial than off the shelf products. 

1. Develop An Efficient Digital Experience 

A custom-made software solution is designed to put you in the driving seat and boost operational efficiencies. Bespoke software developers are always looking to achieve a high quality of business process automation which will save time and free up resources. Your bespoke software development team will design and build a software system which encompasses your company’s unique needs and processes and provides a smart digital experience.

Ranging in scale from customer relationship management and data reporting systems to file and task management, bespoke business applications are designed with both customers and colleagues in mind. When bespoke software is built from the ground up, increasing operational efficiency for all types of workers is a key consideration. A personalised user experience can be created with content and functionality that is relevant and purposeful for several different user types.

Administrative tasks such as scheduling, and invoice creation can be automated and response times to customers can be increased. Freeing up time to allow employees to revolve their day around creative and challenging tasks as well as upskilling activities. 
With bespoke software builds, an extensive user experience design process is undertaken to ensure the system’s complexities can be streamlined to create a practical, effortless and efficient user experience. With an off the shelf product, you can make customisations here and there but nothing can compare with software that is designed from the ground up which focuses on your industry practices and varying user needs.  

Gaining real results, the kind that can actually power your business forward, is more likely when the users of the software are in control. Getting the user’s buy in from the requirements stage, and every stage thereafter, can ensure that interactions with the software are truly intuitive. 

2. Reduce Limits, Risk and Long-Term Costs

So often we see companies adapting their working methods to suit the pre-packaged database or desktop application at hand. Making the best of what they have. The beauty of having your software system tailor-made is that you make technology work for you, not the other way around. Freeing you from limitations and making every user interaction purposeful.

As with any investment, maximising business value is fundamental to bespoke software development. When you own your software outright, you will not be charged licensing fees per user as you go and ongoing maintenance costs are lower than keeping a legacy system alive. 

With bespoke software, you’re unlikely to worry about wasting your time. There’s no talk of ‘Oh if at the end of twelve months this doesn’t work, we’ll have to start again.’ When you develop software in an agile development environment, the system is constantly being tested and refined until it’s just right. 

Sure, that can take a little time, but in the grand scheme of things you’re getting great business value. Mitigating risk by ensuring that the finished solution meets exacting standards; and ticks every single box. 

As you will be the only company using your software system, there will be minimal risk of a security breach. Rest easy at the thought of your business data being in safe and secure hands, with robust layers of encryption and the implementation of regular software and security updates to reduce unwanted issues.

3. Create Scalable Systems  

Having a dedicated software development team allows your system to adapt and evolve as your business requirements and processes change. With knowledgeable software developers just a phone call away, you can easily modify your software solution as and when required. Investing in a scalable software solution is investing in the future of your business.

If you currently have a legacy software system and are worried about change, bespoke software developers can restructure and rebuild your system into a native cloud environment. This will involve centralising your system while reducing maintenance costs. 

Having a business software system which creates a centralised digital employee experience can also help to support new hybrid workplaces. Custom functionality can be designed that helps employees work more efficiently no matter where they’re working from. A new fluid workflow can be created which is specifically structured to keep remote workers motivated, focused and on track. 

4. Make Smarter Data Driven Decisions 

Software which is purpose built provides much greater access to real-time data and business intelligence. Richer data capture, with everything from tracking purchasing to detecting trends in digital behaviour within a small timeframe is made possible with greater access to real time data.

 Team leaders and managers no longer need to wait for face-to-face meetings to be presented with results; they’re there for the taking. Allowing everyone to be on the same digital page.

Bespoke software can provide access to big data analytics, with large data volumes, at a quick speed, and with complex algorithm capabilities. You have the opportunity to detect potential costs before they happen, alongside uncovering areas with untapped profit-making potential. With sophisticated digital management of data and built in reporting and analysis tools, bespoke software can provide all the advanced performance insights you need to help your team to work smarter, not harder. 

5. Develop A Valuable Business Asset

Well-crafted bespoke software development can keep you moving forward. As with any investment, maximising business value is fundamental to bespoke software development. When you design a software system specifically for your business operations, return on investment is likely to be seen quicker. 

A bespoke business solution will become a valuable business asset while enabling your company to maximise the opportunities opened up by digital transformation. 

Competitive advantage is a principal driver in business decision making. Creating a cleverly simple bespoke software development can set you apart from your nearest competitors.
Being innovative is always key to making you stand out in your industry. Achieving innovation through software design can make you quicker; smarter; pave the way for more opportunities. Having your very own software can give your business a true mark of distinction. A system in sync with your people and operations can be your secret weapon!

Work Smarter with Bespoke Software

In today’s sophisticated business environments, upgrading your software is often a fundamental step in your business’ development. 

So, it makes sense that rather than investing in an off the shelf package; trying to slot and squeeze into the nearest solution, you actually have a product that is a perfect business fit. 

At the heart of what we do at Clever Software is creating simplified digital experiences. We look at how we can help you to move your processes into a centralised workspace and use automation techniques to create more streamlined workflows. Get in touch to see how we can help your business.



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