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5 Benefits of Bespoke Project Management Software

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Benefits of Bespoke Project Management Software

How Bespoke Project Management Software will Revolutionise Your Business

Project management tools have come on leaps and bounds. Gone are the days of planning things out, using endless reams of paper and packets of pens. Moving project management organization into a digital dashboard format has created boundless opportunities for companies, to track what is taking place with projects, both internally and externally.

A new hybrid way of working is coming into play, with the workforce now distributed across WFH and trickling back into the office. This will subsequently make it harder for project managers to monitor what is taking place, but it’s not altogether impossible. Custom project management software is designed and crafted with one key intention: to make life easier for everyone.

It is created to fit entirely to a companies individual needs, taking into consideration every necessary and meticulous aspect of each unique project. Here are 5 ways a piece of bespoke project management software will revolutionize the way you do business.


1. Straight Forward Project Planning

Project planning is obviously the most important element in project management. If this cannot be completed efficiently, it will cause bumps in the road for a project’s progression. No company would appreciate substandard project management, but this can easily be avoided by investing in a state-of-the-art, bespoke, project management tool. Tasks can easily be created, to allow for a consistent and concise management plan, with the ability to manoeuvre tasks, according to priority and influence of deadlines.

A clear overview of all deliverables will be visible, allowing assignment of tasks or subtasks to teams and individuals, to happen much more proficiently. An effective piece of custom project management software will drastically streamline the creation process and intern, elevate a timely delivery of a successful project.

Project management should not be a laborious task, but instead be enjoyable and consist of clever problem solving. A project manager needs to be in complete control at all times and navigate smoothly through different checkpoints of a project. A bespoke project management tool will open the door to any planning methodology imaginable, allowing companies, such as yours, to remain ahead of the game.


2. Accurate Forecasting

It is a well-known fact that project managers will more than likely be keeping tabs on more than one project at a time. Megan, our project manager at Clever Software Group, is the master of juggling multiple on-the-go projects and we are in awe of her abilities.

Typically, there can sometimes be a lack of visibility across projects, when there are so many elements taking place at once. Because of this, it can sometimes be tricky to calculate individual recourses and observe progress for each separate project. With the implementation of a bespoke project management tool into your business, a new found amount of transparency will be gained, with insightful forecasting coming hand-in-hand.

Everyone that is engaged within the project – from project managers, to bespoke software developers, clients and stakeholders – will be able to clearly see where time and resources are required to be allotted. All parties involved with the process with also be able to understand, in real time, any changes or additions that are mandatory to help the project move forward. This will drastically reduce the risk of wasting crucial development time and resources on unnecessary tasks.


3. Harmonious Collaboration

One of the most underrated elements of a custom-made project management tool, is the ideal that it brings a team closer together. With so many teams currently split across various locations, close collaboration and comradery is now more important than ever.

Tasks are often allocated by project managers to individual members of a team, but these all make up a much bigger picture and subsequently filter into a whole project. Bespoke project management software will allow entire teams, whether working remotely or in house, to keep track of how the totality of a project is progressing. This will permit a project to run like a well-oiled machine, as     members will be able to view what elements of a project needs their attention, what is left to be completed, discuss tasks with teammates, access timelines and indicate benchmarks achieved.

All information featured and inputted onto your bespoke project management tool will feed back to your project manager, who can adjust tasks accordingly. Knowledge gaps can be addressed and closed, reducing the risk of a project falling off the rails. A strengthened sense of belonging will resonate within your employees, as everyone will remain aligned and in the loop of what is occurring within different projects. This can even apply to what is taking place across different departments.


4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

A bespoke software project management tool will allow you to establish an even stronger relationship with your clients and stakeholders. Working in close collaboration with clients is something we pride ourselves on doing, at Clever Software Group. Providing crystal clear clarity throughout a project is vital to a highly successful deadline completion.

Your clientele can easily become integrated into your bespoke project management platform, allowing them to have a transparent view of how their project is progressing. A satisfied customer will certainly want to work with you again and a tailor-made project management tool will help to nourish their expectations. Effective communication between multiple parties will work wonders and increase the rate of success for project delivery and satisfaction.


5. Quick Risk Identification

Naturally, there is always some element of risk attached to a project. This is something that is sadly unavoidable. However, a piece of custom project management software can make this risk factor much more manageable.

Risks can be flagged and identified quickly and efficiently, by both clients and in-house teams, before they are able to cause detrimental harm to a project. Action can be taken accordingly and highlight how an issue can be avoided in the future. Neglection of risks can lead to more harmful scenarios further down the line. Using a bespoke project management dashboard to recognize and log them as and when they crop up, will allow a project to run as evenly and unhindered as possible.


If you would like to discuss having a bespoke project management tool tailored-made to your enterprise needs, please click here.

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