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Can the right bespoke software make your employees happier?

At Clever Software Group, we never stop raving about the benefits of bespoke software. Creating totally unique, bespoke software to help a business not only makes our clients (and us as developers!) happy, but can also have a positive impact on employee job satisfaction too.

Read on to discover some of the ways that bespoke software can help to create that all-important happy working environment.

Bespoke software shows that you have listened

Across all industries, it's common for employees to face challenges on a day-to-day basis, some of which often involve using outdated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems that are no longer aligned with the operations of the business.

For example, someone managing a legal firm may find that there is no easy, automated way for their staff to quickly sort their clients into commonly used segments, such as types of legal assistance required. Investing in a bespoke legal software solution to solve a problem such as this will demonstrate to your employees that you have listened to their frustrations and want, and have acted to resolve them.

Fostering an environment where employees feel comfortable communicating how their job could be made more efficient through innovations such as bespoke software is a great way to make staff feel valued and engaged, and to keep morale high.

In fact, organisations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%! (Dale Carnegie, 2016)

Not only that, but it also gives you the opportunity to gain an insight into your business from the people actually doing the job!

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Bespoke software can increase efficiency

When you’re an employee with a list of monotonous, time consuming tasks which need to be performed multiple times, you would be forgiven for lacking in the job satisfaction department! Especially when your skill set is capable of more, and your time would be better spent taking care of other more rewarding tasks.

Let’s take a look at the example legal firm again. A business such as this would inevitably have hours and hours of billable client time that will need to be collated by your accounts team, and if you’re using an ineffective software system, it may fall on one or two employees to manually enter the time logs to allow for invoices to be created.

This lengthy process uses up staff resource that could be better used for completing other important duties which could include chargeable work. This situation will likely cause annoyance, and let’s face it - boredom, which could have a direct impact on productivity levels!

It’s difficult to deny the impact that inefficient software can have on employees. A whopping 92% of employees say that having the technology to do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction! (Ultimate Software, 2016)

Investing in a custom time management or bespoke legal software solution that is customised to your billing process will make staff happier and should result in more working hours being chargeable.

Here at Clever Software Group, at the start of any bespoke software project we always spend time to really get to know how the business operates, the software challenges it faces and what the needs of the system users are. This means that we can be sure that the software that we create is built to their specific requirements. Afterall, our goal is to make exciting, bespoke software that makes everyone happy!

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Lives can be made easier with bespoke software

One of the major advantages that choosing bespoke software has for your employees is that it can combine multiple, once-complicated systems into a single user-friendly software solution. Too often employees are forced to work with outdated systems that they’ve inherited from the people who previously did their job.

Unfortunately, it’s common for businesses to continually patch up older software with workarounds and additional elements to try (and unfortunately often fail) to achieve a simple, workable solution. This situation is likely to frustrate employees and will often actually result in slower, less effective working methods being accepted within the business.

At Clever Software Group, our bright thinking developers pride themselves on creating ‘cleverly simple’ bespoke software that is built with the users in mind. So, if that means that the software required needs to be able to perform tasks that were once performed across multiple systems, then that’s what we’ll create!

This approach will also save your employees time, as training on only one intuitive system is quicker and easier than trying to learn to use multiple types of software.

We will always talk to you and your staff in plain English (no tech jargon!) to make sure that the bespoke software solution that we create is something everyone understands.

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They can work anywhere, at any time!

Mobility is key with modern day bespoke software. It’s now very common for employees to have the need to be able to work on-the-go, accessing the same information from multiple devices.

To illustrate this point using our legal firm example, as you can imagine, for a member of the team who is out meeting clients on a regular basis, it would be highly beneficial for them to be able to add notes to client files on-the-go between visits. If this isn’t possible, they would have to go back to the office and spend additional time getting their notes updated. Not ideal for employee morale or work-life balance!

22% of employees stated that attaining a positive work-life balance is their top source of workplace stress. (Accountemps, 2017)

By implementing a bespoke legal software solution that is built to be fully functional across all devices, you can prevent your employees being unable to complete admin work during the day and therefore stop them having to work otherwise unavoidable overtime.

With the combination of bespoke software and the power of the cloud being utilised more by businesses, the ability for your staff to be able to work anywhere, at any time is now a reality.

Bespoke software to make your employees happier

If employee satisfaction and business productivity are important to you, and you think that bespoke software could be the solution, now is the time to take a few simple steps to start the process. The good news is that reading this article is a great start!

At Clever Software Group, we create, develop and support software systems upon which companies can run, thrive and support happy employees. So if you’d like to find out more about our bespoke software, advice on how to begin the process, or would like to challenge us with your own bespoke software project, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here

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