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6 Things We Love About What We Do

We’re thrilled to be celebrating our sixth birthday this week! It feels like only yesterday, we were pressing the launch button. In six short years, we've worked hard to reach giddy new heights, deliver innovative projects for a range of marvellous clients and to grow in more ways than one. 

To mark the occasion, we’re taking a look at the six things we love the most about Clever Software Group. Things that are at the heart of our business which shape us daily and keep us moving on up!

1. Our Sweet 16

We began as a team of two developers and now we are a multi-talented team of 16 comprising developers, project managers, UX designers and QA Testers. Each bespoke software solution is homegrown in Hampshire. All working (and playing) together under one roof at our Ringwood development studio enables our team to collaborate together, learn from each other and indulge in regular bake off competitions!

2. Taking Care of the Difficult  

Making technology work smartly for people in business is our forte. Taking care of the difficult has long been our signature motto; we carefully design, architect and fine-tune the optimal solution for our clients' needs. We love to take on complex business challenges and find a technical solution which makes working lives easier.

3. Open to All Business Sectors

To date, we've worked with clients from over 10 business sectors. Working in a bespoke space, allows us to transfer our skills to a diverse range of companies who are looking to stand out in their industry. Our clients work in fields from manufacturing, engineering and aviation to construction, retail and media. They are industry leaders with big ambitions to innovate and achieve operational excellence. And as we develop software partnerships, we delight in learning all about how their trade ticks so that we can create sofware applications which fit perfectly. 

4. Nurturing Programming Talent 

Our Director Andi is a self-taught developer and is passionate about opening doors for budding programmers who may not have a fancy qualification to their name. We value the essential qualites which make up a successful software developer and we offer opportunities to hone their skills in a live development environment, learning from experienced colleagues. 

5. Coding in 30+ Languages

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise being extensive and ever-developing. Our team can write and understand over 30 programming languages, which comes in handy when making sense of different types of code. However, we pride ourselves on not baffling our clients with tech talk. Instead, we ensure that our communications led by our super project management team, are conveyed simply and clearly. 

6. Rescuing Legacy Software Systems

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some come equipped with expert problem-solving skills and coding super powers! We love breathing new life into legacy systems. Waving our digital magic wand to create transformative business systems never fails to make us smile! 

Thank You For Six Sensational Years!

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone we've worked with, had as part of our team or has supported us in some way over the past six years. Growing a business during these trying times is no easy feat, so we're forever grateful for all the people who make the magic happen.

Next year looks set to be brighter still with the launch of some amazing projects along with our continued work to develop our skills and processes while building a close-knit, happy team and fun-loving culture . To discover more about our beginnings, click here to read our Director Andi’s story. Or to find out more about how Clever Software can help your business, please get in touch. 



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