CSG at Silverstone

We look back at our time at the home of British motorsport

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CSG at Silverstone

Spending the Day Trackside

Last Friday, the Clever Software Group team had a day with a difference! Our team of bespoke software developers were on hand for client support, but we all spent the day out of the office; trackside, at the Silverstone Race Circuit.

Bright and Early

The team arrived to the office earlier than usual, ready for a 6am departure. A mini bus had been booked in advance, so we didn’t have to worry about one of the team being a designated driver. We set off (with a pitstop for coffee along the way), arriving at the track at around 9am, ready for an exhilarating day at the home of British motorsport.

It was just a short walk from where we were parked to the Ignition Club, were we would be based for the day. On arrival, we were greeted with a delicious array of breakfast choices. From freshly squeezed orange juice, to an epic breakfast sandwich or granola and juicy summer berries, we were spoilt for choice. It was also time for coffee number two of the day.  

Once full and well-watered, the team split off and had a wonder around the hospitality section. Some made it nearly as far as the starting line (before realizing it would be a mammoth walk back). Others had a go on F1 simulators, with one member of the team setting the third quickest time at one point! We all took a walk up onto the grandstand, which was located just a short walk from the Ignition Club. We sat and watched the W Series practice session (and reapplied sun cream whilst doing so… It was a scorching day). The noise from the cars was staggering, but it’s not something you get to experience every day. Majority of us sat and took in the atmosphere on the grandstand for most of the morning, until we ventured down because we had caught wind that the bars had opened.  

Blink and You’ll Miss It

After ordering a drink (or two) from the bar, we ambled out onto the viewing platform, located just outside of the hospitality tent. It was a day full of thrilling speed. We were able to view so many different sessions and laps taking place, from classic racing cars (worth an eye-watering amount of money) to Fromula 2 first practice and of course, the Formula 1 practice session and qualifying – but more on that later.

Lunch was served around 12pm; it was refreshing to enter back into the hospitality tent to escape the sunrays for a short time. Lunch was again an absolute feast. With a selection of antipasto to start, followed by the choice of lamb curry or roast chicken, we were very well fed. It was most definitely a very indulgent day, with a clotted cream and strawberry treacle tarts being served for pudding.

It was soon time to top up our empty glasses – it’s thirsty work watching cars drive at speed around a race track, let me tell you! Having been told that no prosecco was available, only champagne, sacrifices had to be made. A glass of champagne it was then. Throughout the afternoon, we were also able to listen to guest speakers, such as Wing Commander Andy Green, who shared his experience about holding the land speed record since 1997 and Sam Bird, who is a driver for Jaguar in the Formula E championship series. Both speakers were very insightful and offered different views and involvement in the world of motorsport.

Time for another top up of sun cream and back outside to find our places for the F1 practice session. The Ignition Club overlooked the approach to Maggots and Becketts, so we had an excellent view of the drivers and cars hurtling down the straights. Blink and you would miss the action, though. A few of us seated ourselves on the grandstand to watch the practice session, whilst others remained on the ground in the shade. The practice session took place for an hour and even if you didn’t have much knowledge regarding F1, it was still an amazing sight to see. An hour flew by, with Max Verstappen coming out on top.

Home Time

If you thought we had already had enough food, you’d be wrong. On return to the hospitality tent, afternoon tea was served, with an excellent selection of sandwiches and sweet treats. Oh, and more coffee.

After watching a few more practice session from other formulas, we departed the track after a wonderful day. The team has recently adopted a hybrid working style, with some of us being in the office at alternative times to others. It was wonderful to have the team back together for the day and share an amazing experience.

Same again next year?

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