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Clever Software Group Focus Week

A Week Dedicated to a Bespoke Management System

This week has been a little different for us, at Clever Software Group. A powerful knowledge share and mass unity of skills has taken place. Our custom software development team has come together for a ‘Focus Week’, so we’d like to give you an insight into how it works:

A Focus Week revolves mainly around one specific client project, with majority of the developers’ time spent working on individual aspects of that unique bespoke software solution. All assets produced will be merged together to create an in-depth bigger picture at the end of the week. Of course, on-going support has continued for all of our clients. A high quality service has still been provided throughout this week, to ensure all custom software projects continue to be nurtured and progress.

Focus Weeks don’t take place within the team very often, as each bespoke software developer normally has a handful of projects they are working on. This is the first Focus Week the Clever Software team has undertaken since returning to the office. A previous two took place virtually, whilst working from home during lockdown, for a few other clients. However this is only the second Focus Week to actually take place in person, within the team.

Since the whole team is now back under one roof, participating in a focus week has been an amazing way of seeing how the developers work in harmony with each other. They have already created some staggering results in such a short amount of time and excitement is beginning to rise about viewing the final results. There has been an incredible atmosphere in the office and it’s been a joy  to witness everyone cohesively working on one bespoke software project. Amalgamating all of their skill sets has driven the project in an impressive direction and as we enter the final stages of the Focus Week, the end result is looking fantastic. The developers will always ask questions of their teammates if they need help to solve a problem, or share advice on how to achieve a specific result. However, it is a rare occurrence that they all able to come together to work on one project. The impact has been phenomenal.

All of the software solutions we craft and develop are totally unique. Our bespoke software developers and user interface designer meticulously craft exciting enterprise solutions, to perfectly fit the needs of clients and their desired end-users. This Focus Week has been centered around a bespoke management system, for one of our clients to keep track of and log projects the company wishes to embark on.

Each custom software developer has been allocated an individual user interface or dashboard to create. All wireframes and overviews have been diligently outlined by Clever Software Group’s expert user interface designer, in collaboration with the client, to ensure all required aspects are included. In the afternoon, normally around 4pm, all of the code produced by our software developers is ‘committed’ and ‘merged’. This is to form a live overview of the final interactive software solution. The software development is then reviewed by the user interface designer and senior software developer, to doublecheck that all work produced is in-keeping with the wireframes created. In particular, to make sure the design and function of the custom software product act and look as they should. Of course our developers are experts in the field and execute development to an exceptional standard, but it is good practice and important to check code on a regular basis regardless – the devil is in the detail.

Every segment of this bespoke software project has been distributed amongst the team by Clever Software Group’s project manager. This is to ensure all aspects of the software solution can be kept track of and are allocated in manageable portions. The user interface development has also been divided into front-end development – focusing on the aesthetics and user experience of the software solution - and back-end development – focusing on the functionality of the bespoke management system. All assets for both elements are combined to create the final view (which is looking very sleek, if we do say so ourselves).

At the end of the week, the work developed will be presented and demonstrated to the client, to showcase how their custom software solution is progressing. A vast amount of attention to detail has gone into this project thus far and is only set to continue. A Focus Week is used to kick-start and boost a project, helping it progress through its initial inception. Already, an excellent quality of work has been produced and leaves the project in good stead to be handed over to an individual software developer, to continue the development journey.

Having not been able to spend majority of the past year in the office with the whole team, it has been a wonderful experience for everyone to come together. The energy from the team has continued to spur the passion and excitement that custom software development creates. The past couple of days have been fueled by a stream of snacks, comradery (that has been well missed during copious lockdowns) and a harmonious collaboration by the team. This Focus Week has really showcased the unbeatable work ethic and formidable expertise our team of custom software developers have and we are incredibly proud of them all.

We hope to be able to share the whole project with you in the not too distant future, but for now it is under wraps. You can checkout other projects that have undergone Focus Weeks in the past, by clicking here.

Stanley and Strong

Stanley and Strong

Client Stanley and Strong is a London based firm of Party Wall Surveyors with experience in residential and commercial surveying. Together we developed a clever web based workflow and project management tool to manage the complex administrative Party Wall procedures.

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