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Santa checking lists on his laptop

Dear Santa

We've typed up our list and tested it twice. So, here's hoping we make it into your inbox before the big day! Since we've been such busy, efficient, software developers programming our socks off this year, we wouldn't say no to a treat or two.

Your tech elves have been rather clever with the gadgets and upgrades they've launched this year haven't they?

We'd love to try out some of their masterpieces. Here's a little wish list from us to you.

Fitness Data Gadgetry

Company Director Andrew must have made it onto the nice list as he's such a great boss (is it bonus time?) and has been on a super health-kick this year. To keep his fitness motivation running into the New Year, Andrew would like a set of Renpho Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scales. Naturally, Andrew likes the idea of the smartphone app syncing and the fancy data analyzer!

Andrew would also quite like to try out the wonder that is an Occulus Rift. Virtual reality technology at its finest with incredible optics to explore virtual worlds or get out of gift-wrapping duty!

Home Tech Grotto

Software Developer Jamie loves to keep up with the latest technology at work and at home. And he doesn't ask for much, Santa. Just a PlayStation 4 Pro to give his gaming a 4K boost, and a fancy Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch to keep him in check.

Oh and perhaps, just to make his new flat come to life and light, a super swish telly to take pride of place would be magic.

Snapping Happy Memories

One of our executive assistant Liana's resolutions is to capture more memories in 2019. She would love to explore her passion for photography more, with a Canon EOS 200D DSLR Camera. Her cat babies have already agreed to model for her!

To help Liana to get out and capture our beautiful Dorset landscapes, she's quite partial to the idea of a Range Rover Sport SVR too. If there's room on the sleigh, of course!

Some Like it Hot

Lara, Marketing Executive and mum of boys (all sympathy is appreciated) can never seem to drink her much loved coffee while it's hot. A clever Ember Smart Temperature Control Mug would perk up her day a treat, by keeping her coffee piping hot whenever she gets distracted by messy boys.

Speaking of messy boys, she would love you forever if you popped an ECOVAS DEEBOT Robot Vaccuum under the tree. To make the Christmas clear-up a little easier!

Super Upgrades All Round

An upgrade to his home central processing unit would put a year-round smile on the face of Software Developer Ollie.

He'd be positively giddy if his car could get an upgrade too. Something modest would do, a Dodge Viper perhaps? Or he'd happily test out a Lamborghini Aventador if you've got one going spare.

A Pro Gaming Experience

Apprentice Software Developer Patrick would be very grateful to get his hands on a HTC Vive Pro with the wireless adapter to play games in a 360-degree environment without having to worry about cables.

Sounds like Patrick's offering to host the office Christmas party entertainment next year!


As a busy Business Development Executive, Mike is all about multi-tasking. On his tech wish list is a swanky 38” LG 38UC99-W Ultra Wide Curved Monitor. He's loves the idea of being able to work on 3 different pages at one time, and the QHD LG's IPS display and brilliant performance would make his working day even more enjoyable!

PC Boosting

Now some of our team weren't able to make it all year without treating themselves, and rightly so. Apprentice Software Developer James was unable to resist a present to himself in the form of a Lenovo Legion Y530 laptop. He wouldn't mind some new RAM, or a new SSD/Hard Disk Drive to ensure his PC doesn't feel too envious of his new computer mate.

If you're worried your budget's not up to the job, Santa, we quite like chocolate oranges or an elf to help makeover our new office space would be superb!

Thanks for thinking of us Santa. You're the best. And if you ever need awesome software to make all that naughty nice list data entry less of a faff, you know who to call!

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