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Top Tech Trends that We're Excited About

As a New Year beckons, we can’t wait to watch as technology predictions boost into life in 2019. And if we can get our hands on some new tech toys to test drive, even better.

Here are some of the amazing technology trends and releases we’re most looking forward to this year, and the reviews we hope to bring you very soon:

More sophisticated voice integrated technology.

Well Alexa has amazed and annoyed us in equal measure this year, so we can’t wait to see what gems she’s going to add to her super brain. While there are concerns about cybersecurity relating to the smart assistants who are always listening, there is no doubting that the enhanced sophistication in machine learning voice technology is making our user experiences more intuitive and customised.

Arrival of 5G compatible laptops.

Intel are pushing forward with computers with 5G enabled tech which teases better processing performance and battery life. The reach of this will largely depend on the rollout and availability of 5G networks, and whether portable connectivity can be achieved.

A rise in B2B applications of the internet of things.

Now this is a trend we could have predicted ourselves, since more of our clients are starting to consider building their software strategies around IoT. Providing greater access to real-time data, which can affect change such as enhanced process efficiency. Increased digital intelligence is always something we’re going to get excited about.

Launch of foldable phones.

Yes really. Rumour has it that Samsung will release a smartphone which opens up to reveal a tablet screen. Double the fun! It might be niche to begin with, partly due to the luxury price tag, but mobile technology developments like this could open up a host of new ways of working and interacting with business software in the future.

Increased privacy and security.

Cybersecurity will be boosted by AI-based security analytics, and the rise of biometric identification over passwords to help protect people’s data online and mitigate cyber threats.

In other news, we’re also excited to expand our office space in the new year.

With more room for team and client meetings, a fancy breakout area and plenty of space for a clean slate of table tennis tournaments.

We’ve also got some awesome plans in the works to develop our skills base and diversify our data service offering so that we can always keep our fingers on the pulse.

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