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getting cirrus about the cloud

We Cirrusly Love the Cloud

We are living in the age of the cloud. That has become very apparent. 

At Clever Software Group, we believe that cloud-hosted databases are gifts that keep on giving. Our bespoke database developers design and build data driven applications, which aim to deliver greater insights and improved resource efficiency in your business operations. Cloud-hosted databases are extraordinarily powerful pieces of software development, but it is time to get cirrus about them (see what we did there?). A lot of ambiguity has surrounded the Cloud, but let us guide you through how harnessing the Cloud will greatly enhance your business. 

The Cloud is In. Hardware is Out.

It is predicted that businesses adopting Cloud services in place of more traditional hardware storage systems will more than double in the coming years. 61% of businesses migrated to Cloud-based solutions in 2020 alone. As society is living in an increasingly technology-dependant world, the Cloud embodies a modern, sophisticated, efficient way to allow users to become interconnected. 

The cloud is revolutionising the way we communicate with each other. It has opened up a door to collaborate with and manage businesses from all over the world. From our office desks, to the kitchen table or a chic café in Paris (c’est la vie), we can now unite on projects with colleagues in real time, on Cloud-hosted platforms. Being able to store, save and segregate assignments in one location is revolutionary. Soon, the days of having to carry around a USB stick will be gone. It is more than likely the Cloud will replace all physical tech storage methods in no time at all.

Businesses who are still cautious or unsure about adopting Cloud technologies will find that they begin to fall behind, due to being at a competitive disadvantage. As hybrid working has very much come into play, enterprises will be able to eliminate the need to invest in hardware storage. Employees will be connected by Cloud services that can be accessed remotely, instead of wasting recourses on the instalment of on-site storage management. 

Future Proofing 

By incorporating Cloud technology into your enterprise, you can optimise database access and performance. Our bespoke software developers can craft scalable, cost effective Cloud solutions that will allow you to monitor your infrastructure. Tailor-made backup will also always be implemented, with disaster recovery services in place, to ensure data-loss is extremely minimal. 

Moving specific business areas and applications onto a Cloud-hosted database will generate cost efficiencies and create a gateway to new enterprise and marketplace opportunities. It allows the opportunity for businesses to become more mobile, collaborative and sociable, whilst having the ability to scale and evolve with your business needs. Businesses that integrate Cloud platforms into their daily functionality will become well positioned to reap the benefits of present benefits, whilst setting themselves up well for the future. Cloud-hosted services offer a secure, safe platform for businesses to run and thrive, ensuring your data is kept in safe hands. 

Bespoke Cloud solutions are most effective and efficient, as they have been built entirely to mould around the needs of your business. This kind of refined enterprise software can easily be used to create on-demand information and deliver it in lightening speed. Most internet services now rely on the Cloud to run, therefore it has become a collaborative part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Without knowing it, we are also becoming very heavily reliant on the IoT, but more on that another time.  

Get in Touch

If you are still dubious about including Cloud services within your business, we are happy to help with any queries or questions you may have. The Cloud is very rapidly becoming part of the present and future of wider business operations, so you will probably need to equant yourself with a Cloud-hosted database before you know it.

Crafting Cloud database solutions is how we get our kicks, so contact us today let us take care of your data and make it work better for your business.

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