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How does a bespoke software development project begin?

The first few steps made on a bespoke software development project are actually the most vital. When we welcome a new client on board at Clever Software Group, we believe in kickstarting the bespoke software development as straightforwardly and enjoyably as possible.

Our team of software developers aim to ease our clients into the process by carrying out a series of introductory activities. Activities which will explore what you as the client are trying to achieve and will form the basis for your software. By making assessments and asking questions we ensure we can deliver your business objectives and form a solid software partnership.

Here are our top tips for getting your bespoke software development off to the very best start.

Assessing your need for software

So, you have identified a business problem that needs fixing with clever software. To give your chosen software developer as much information as possible to guide the project, you’ll definitely want to assess your user needs. This will help to ensure that the solution that is created does what you need it to!

When we first embark on a new project, we always look to closely examine your business needs, and the obstacles that you’re currently facing.

Sometimes a client will come to us to say that their software is out of date and needs a technology uplift. When actually on closer inspection, it's the business process that needs revising to fit their business operations and users.

By really understanding these issues, our software development team can get to grips with the ‘why’ of the project.

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Conducting a discovery workshop

Once you’ve assessed your needs and decided on the approach you’d like to take, each bespoke software development company will do things slightly differently from here on out. If you choose to complete your project with us at Clever Software Group, this is when we will conduct a discovery workshop.

We believe that this is a vital stage in the project, as it really allows us to get to know you as a client. As part of the discovery process, we’ll visit your business premises to find out how you operate as a company, what your users need, and what level of support you would like from us.

At this stage we can start to think about usability; providing guidance on whether your required functionality is meaningful to your needs and advising on the technology which would be the best business fit.

We believe that a bespoke software development project can only be successfully delivered by developing synergy between the client and developer. That’s why we take this time to really get to know you and begin to build the foundations of a solid software partnership.

We don’t want to just be faceless developers working behind the scenes - it's important to us that our clients have direct contact with our software developers!

Selecting the right technology

Now that we are up to speed with the why, and we understand what makes you and your business tick, we can focus on the features of the software.

It’s important to have a clear view on the key features that will make this software purposeful and distinctive. From there, we can decide on whether to build a native, hybrid or web application, or what operating systems the software will be released on.

Our team are experienced in over 30 programming languages and technologies. As the client, you may already have a preferred technology in mind. We are here to assess if this is the best technology for the project, and to advise on the most efficient development framework, user-friendly interface and cost-effective hosting solution long-term.

Timescales and budgets will always come into view, but we always present our key choices based on quality; what will produce the optimum software solution.

Employees working together on implementation plan

Devising an implementation plan

Once key decisions have been made, we’ll create a full implementation plan for your bespoke software development. This will feature a number of agreed key milestones that will guide the project.

Our bespoke software development projects are always conducted using a phased approach, allowing it to be agile and easily adapted as the project progresses or if changes are needed. The implementation plan will outline these phases, so that you have full visibility of the whole project.

As agile software developers we always work openly and flexibly. Our team are continuously testing, reviewing and adapting to ensure the needs of the business and the users are met. Each bespoke software development project is different. We adapt our way of working to our clients.

The way the development unfolds will depend on your project team as much as anything else. Much like the software itself, it's important that you find a team who can make the development experience uniquely yours.

Ready to begin your bespoke software development project?

Our friendly, knowledgeable team are here to help. No matter how big or small you think that your software needs are, we’re happy to talk through them with you.

And if you still don’t know where to begin, the type of software that you need, or have budget concerns, we’d be happy to consult with you to devise a strategy that works for you.

Challenge our team today by clicking here, or read about some of our past bespoke software development projects on our Client Stories page.

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