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5 Ways that Custom Built Software Can Help your Business to Innovate

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5 ways that custom built software can achieve business innovation

Innovation in any business is all about being able to stand out while never standing still. Recognising that a business need is not being met efficiently is the first step, followed by embarking on a journey to produce something new to improve upon that problem. In many cases innovation doesn’t have to involve reinventing the wheel; rather using new methods to make the wheel turn quicker and smoother. 

Here’s our top reasons why bespoke software could be the key to unlocking and levelling up innovation in your business:

 1.    Achieve more with smart tech

In the last thirty years, technology has been the key to achieving more in less time. With incredible tech advances being made all the time, businesses are able to widen their proficiencies. Communications, operations and forecasting can all be improved by utilising the right tech solutions. 

By having your software system tailor made you can make technology work for you. Freeing you from limitations. Bespoke software optimises the very latest tech platforms and methods to increase your business capabilities. If you have a desktop application or paper system, bespoke software developers will look to restructure your system into a native cloud environment, which centralises your system in a digital environment and in turn will reduce maintenance costs and provides a faster, more reliable service. Using the latest cloud tech, bespoke software developers can also take large data sets and compile them into clear top-level dashboards. 

Or if you are using a legacy software application, clever tech automations can be made to modernise your business system. Employing sophisticated tech such as Artificial Intelligence and Hyperautomation can make workflows run smoother and process data more accurately too. 

2.    Stay one step ahead with powerful data insights 

The absolute beauty of software being custom built for your business need is being able to turn information into purposeful data. Custom built software focuses on offering easy to use reporting and analysis tools as well as providing secure management of your business data. 

Capturing and recording your data effortlessly and efficiently is a priority with a bespoke software project. Big data analytics are only a few clicks away, providing advanced insights on large data volumes and with complex algorithm capabilities. Trends, opportunities and issues with your operations can be detected early and acted upon quickly so you can always be one step ahead. 

From the outset of a custom software build, it is a primary objective to provide access to real-time data to enhance team collaborations. Precise data reporting can eliminate guesswork and power up your business intelligence. 

3.    Be responsive with cleverly simple processes

In the digital, post-covid world we live in, it’s important to be able to adapt to necessary change. Your business performance and satisfaction of employees relies on you being responsive and agile. With hybrid workplaces gathering pace, it’s also become more pressing to consider how processes can function better for remote workers.  

Asking how your current systems could work better, is a good place to start making a change. At the very essence of a software product is the refinement of business processes. Taking what you have and implementing the most fitting technology to making those processes better. Simplifying your processes can be achieved with digital process innovation, which aims to enhance the quality and speed of transactions, production and workforce performance. With the right tech automation in place, you can complete high volume tasks in significantly less time. Streamlining your workflow can also help to increase the visibility and mobility of your business operations. 

Custom software developers are brilliant at designing workflows which are streamlined and create amazing efficiencies.

4.    Give the green light to sustainable software

Looking for ways to be more sustainable has become a priority for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Minimising consumption is on the radar of bespoke software developers too as they look to build applications which are carbon and hardware efficient. 

Green software engineering entails software developers making choices which consider eco-conscious cloud providers and how carbon emissions can be reduced when the software is in use. Moving your workspace to the cloud can save on computer memory and be much more energy efficient as well as enabling access to information for remote workers, which can in turn reduce the need for travel. 

Simple software which delivers exactly what you need, works faster and takes up less memory resource. We always look to build software with the future in mind; scalability and sustainability are key considerations. If part of your innovation efforts is to be more green, then bespoke software can help towards reaching your net zero goals. 

5.    Create a unique product which sets you apart

One of the reasons we work in the bespoke space is because we love creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Where there are no compromises, no waste and and no comparisons. 

Achieving innovation through software design could become a valuable business asset that makes you stand out amongst your competitors. Designing software which is purposeful and distinctive to your way of working equips you with a perfectly unique tool, and a mark of distinction.  

Well-crafted bespoke software development can keep you moving forward. As with any investment, maximizing business value is fundamental to bespoke software development. When you design a software system specifically for your business operations, return on investment is likely to be seen quicker. Plus, when you own your software outright, you will not be charged licensing fees per user so you can grow as big as you see fit. Win, win!

Making a change

We’re very proud to have been behind software projects which have given our clients an innovative edge. Innovation is all about trying something new that will do the job better. Choosing bespoke software to make innovations can enable your business to learn through new methods, reach new people, be equipped with new knowledge. If you’re looking to open up an innovative culture in your business, custom-built software could be an amazing place to start. 

Bespoke software can help your business to innovate in more ways than one. Modernised systems which are original and transformative are our specialty. At Clever Software, we aim to be innovative in every project build. To discover how we can help your business break new ground, please get in touch with our team. 

Stanley and Strong

Stanley and Strong

Client Stanley and Strong is a London based firm of Party Wall Surveyors with experience in residential and commercial surveying. Together we developed a clever web based workflow and project management tool to manage the complex administrative Party Wall procedures.

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