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Connecting the dots - custom software development and the Internet of Things

Game-changing emerging tech is revolutionising more than just the way we work. It is changing  how we shop, look after ourselves, travel, and even the way we meet our soulmates! And as custom software developers, it definitely transforms the way we provide solutions for our clients. From Artificial Intelligence (AI), to cryptocurrency, to the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s clear that we live in a world of permanent technological revolution.

Whether you believe there is an immediate and obvious need for it, tech like the Internet of Things does provide huge opportunities for proactive businesses who choose to embrace it.

This year, it is predicted that over 26 billion IoT connected devices will be installed worldwide, and this is only going to increase year on year - Statista

So, as a forward-thinking business owner, where do you begin? You may already be aware that the Internet of Things is here, and has been for a while now. However, you may not be so clear on exactly what it is and how it could benefit you and your business. 

Read on to discover what the Internet Of Things is and how Clever Software Group can help you to take advantage of the business opportunities it presents.  

So what exactly is the Internet Of Things (IoT)?

The ‘Internet of Things’ labels a world where everyday devices are connected in networks so that data can be easily shared (such as smartphones). Just like every technological revolution though, the IoT is as much about people as it is about the gadgets. 

Many billions of us around the world carry our smartphones wherever we go. However, it’s already clear that smartphones were just the beginning for the IoT. For example, many of us now also wear sensors such as Fitbits, those clever little watches used to measure our health and the way we move around. 

In fact, in 2016, 8.3 million units of these wearable devices were sold, and it is forecasted that this will increase to 82.5 million units in 2020! - IDC

Other examples of IoT applications for consumers include smart home technology, and other wearable technology such as the Sony Smart B trainers and Apple Watches. Its doesn’t stop there, IoT is now being utilised successfully on a much larger scale than this. For example ‘Smart Cities’ are now harnessing the power of the IoT for things like traffic management, waste management, environmental monitoring and urban security!

By 2020, 75 percent of new cars will come with built-in IoT connectivity - Business Insider

Already, there are more connected devices in the world than there are people. As custom software developers, we are acutely aware that IoT application development could unlock some potential riches for your business, and we’ve already started utilising this technology for our clients. It’s the job of our friendly team of experts to help you explore these opportunities.

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So how does the IoT relate to business?

Here at Clever Software Group, more and more of our clients are choosing to build their software strategies around the IoT. With all the buzz around the technology and the benefits it can provide, it’s easy to see why. Let’s take a brief look at what all the excitement is about:

Machine to machine communication (M2M) 

This is an ingenious innovation allowing physical devices to communicate directly through any communications channel including wired and wireless. M2M has the potential to enable any, and all, devices to talk to each other, without the need to go to a central hub (such as a router or PC) first - clever stuff! 

Why is this so important? This technology provides businesses with a way to ensure the appliances and technology that they use on a day to day basis work together seamlessly. In this way, the IoT provides unparalleled customer experiences.

Greater automation

Innovative communication protocols and wireless connections are leading to increasingly automated operations. Less and less human intervention is required to manage and maintain data networks today. The IoT is rapidly becoming self-managed, via technologies such as artificial intelligence, meaning you could save yourself time. 

Greater access to real-time data

This is a huge benefit to the IoT as it can lead to enhanced process efficiency, meaning that you and your team can focus on other important business tasks whilst still being completely in the loop with your data. It also means that you have access to your customers’ feedback at the touch of a button. Your team can then react instantly as and when your customer needs change, drastically increasing both efficiency and customer service! 

It is estimated that the IoT has lead to at least a 15% increase in the productivity of delivery and supply chain performances.

Our software developers utilised this aspect of IoT technology for one of our clients. The aim was to create a system capable of managing powerful data, and providing remote, wireless monitoring of critical assets on demand. This bespoke software development is now used on a global scale, and has won multiple awards for ‘Innovation and Design’. 

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Increased digital intelligence

This is something that always excites our software developers. The AI used across many IoT applications can automate many complex processes, saving you both time and money. Not only this, but it can also give you simple access to the sort of in-depth data that you would never have thought possible before the IoT.

Of all the business who chose to implement IoT, 94% have already seen a return on their IoT investments! - CSG

Harnessing the power of the IoT for your business

Above we’ve taken a very brief look at just some of the most common applications of IoT which are around today, and the benefits that these can bring. The potential is almost limitless, and so we would love to hear from you if you have an innovative idea for a revolutionary new IoT application.

At Clever Software Group, we are all about innovation and of course we’re super excited about IoT. We love seeing the game-changing results that IoT can deliver, both for our clients and the software world in general!

So, if you’d like to find out more about IoT applications or custom software development, please give us a call, email us, or arrange to pop in for a chat. Contact us here.

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