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How We Can Help Keep Your Business Cyber Secure

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Keeping Your Business Cyber Secure

3 Ways We Can Keep Your Enterprise Cyber Secure.

As a custom software and database development company, we are well versed and experienced in all forms of protecting your data and sensitive information. We know what it takes to ensure that your information is kept safe and make sure it stays that way.

Protecting your business from cyber threats needn’t be a daunting task; we are here to help you take care of the difficult. Here are a few ways we can help your company keep out of the murky waters of a cyber-attack:

Backing Up Databases

Ensuring you have the right resources to support and backup your company’s information and files is vital.

Backup copies of data can be stored remotely in another location via a server, or hosted through the option of a cloud storage system. Database management and reserves will allow you to restore all of your business files, in the unlikely event of a cyber security attack. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

We are able to help you craft a custom cloud-hosted database solution, that will be able to grow with your business. It is our job to provide a scalable, cost effective software solution, so that you can monitor your infrastructure. Of course, a tailored backup and disaster recovery service will be put in place, for your peace of mind and to keep out of harms way.

Keep Your Enterprise Software Up-to-Date

Older, outdated versions of software systems are more susceptible to malware and cyber security breaches. Regular updates or implementing a new, shiny custom software solution, tailor-made to your business will drastically reduce the risk of an unplanned disaster taking place.

Achieving innovation through custom software design will give your business an even greater edge. It will pave the way for more enterprise opportunities, whilst strengthening your cyber security. Cutting-edge software systems come hand-in-hand with better encryption and security precautions, keeping unwanted hackers away from your data.

We are also able to deliver dedicated software developer support, from the system makers who know your software solutions inside out. This will help you to enhance your software’s usability, as well as applying updates and security patches to your business-critical software.

Don’t Cut Corners

Using free or cheaper off-the-shelf software packages may seem like a good idea to keep your budget down. But they can often be very harmful to your business’s cyber security. They may come with permissions that are unsafe to use, or unwanted built-in features, that may replace assets you have already implemented.

This can sometimes cause your sensitive information to be invaded by trojans and affect functionality and security of your software system. With a bespoke software solution, comes the knowledge that there will be no hidden nasties that will cause havoc with your data.

At Clever Software Group, we focus on achieving improved performance and enforcing data integrity, to implement seamless data security solutions to mitigate risks.


Clever Software Group’s team of master SQL database developers seek to provide a secure, accessible, powerful data structure for your business, to keep you cyber-secure. We facilitate greater process management, data handing and analysis, to enable faster, more precises decision making.

Speak to us today about how you can make you enterprise cyber security strong and more affective, for your expanding business needs.

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