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How do our Software Developers Work Magic?

You may have heard once or twice, that we like to make software exciting. Traditionally speaking, software development is perceived as technical, on the serious side and perhaps not the most glamorous of ways to spend a day.

Well, here at the Clever Software Group our thinking is somewhat brighter. We're more about breaking ground and delivering awesome work. To do that, much careful thought and planning goes into How we can get our clients, and our team, excited about what we do and how we do it.

Without giving away too many trade secrets, here's a little insight into our thinking. Unwrapping a little of the magic formula which goes into making our bespoke software developments exciting time and again.

Creating A Mark of Distinction

Thinking innovatively is our absolute starting point. Always. Considering how this bespoke piece of software can be truly distinctive.

Our clients are all about pushing the boundaries within their respective industries. Together, we set about creating software which is ground-breaking, and offers a unique mark of distinction. Perhaps by utilising the latest and most applicable technology, or creating a user experience like no other.

Our team of software developers and designers are inventors and problem solvers. We're unashamedly fanatical about software and data technology. We love how our tools are ever-changing; inspiring us to carve out innovations like no other.

When it comes to planning and designing the software architecture, it can be a fine tuned, extensive process. However, when we get our code-on we can affect change quickly. We are less restricted by physical materials, and digitally we can make magic happen.

Using rapid application development, we love how ideas and plans can so swiftly become visible, tangible craftmanship. Something which always gets us smiling, and sometimes even dancing, in our chairs.

Prioritising People

We work in a bespoke space for a reason. Because our clients are unique. As no client is the same, each project deserves to be treated anew.

One of the greatest inputs into our developments are the user themselves. Their behaviours will very much define how the software takes shape. Kicking off most projects with a workshop, we use lots of fun interactive activities to get to the heart of the people behind the business; to help us define the user's needs. And to start our working partnership as we intend to go on.

Collaboration is at the core of our developments. We seek to connect teams, who may be separated by office, or country, closer together.

Within our own teams, we're all about encouraging design and development to unite. We also work to bring our development team close to our client's working party. So, we can achieve a real synergy between teams.

For us, an excellent user experience is all about simplifying and refining existing processes. As such, our software intends to be intuitive and reflective. Ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and as easy as can be. Happy users = better software.

Keeping Our People Engaged

Establishing a workplace that is challenging and changing helps to create our people energised every step of the way.

So, we try our best to offer a dynamic work culture, whereby our people are continuously challenged, as well as being actively involved in the evolvement of our business.

Offering exciting and interesting projects, as well as opportunities to work with new technologies helps us to uphold a thirst for change.

Customised training enables our software developers to become multi-disciplinary so that they can move between projects, and no one project is solely reliant on one person. While it's great to have specialisms, we look to offer an extensive skill set from each member of our team.

Taking time away from the desk is always encouraged to keep our minds engaged, along with opportunities to attend special tech events, and monthly tech days to try out something new.

We particularly love the day after a great event, where the office is buzzing with eureka moments!

Thinking Creatively

Software developers are known to be meticulous and methodical in their approach. True story. However, in our experience it's also true that software developers have minds that are as creative as they are astute.

Solving problems is a crucial part of our role as developers; a skill that we work to refine on a daily basis. We believe that the key to effective problem-solving is thinking creatively; considering new possibilities; open to trying new processes.

Just as our old favourite Einstein proposed, imagination is often more valuable than logic.

We believe that creativity is nurtured away from the desk. By sketching, chatting over custard creams, away days at the beach or letting minds stir in our office breakout area (table tennis or Lego anyone?)

Encouraging creativity away from coding gives our team a bright kind of energy. Keeping us all on our toes, and our approach positive and fresh.

Talk, Test, Refine, Repeat

Making our clients' experience an enjoyable one starts with making the development process as straightforward as possible.

At the Clever Software Group, we are proud to be agile. Don't get us wrong, we're not as young or limber as we once were. However, when it comes to agile development, we reckon we're pretty nimble (just please don't ask us to prove it on a yoga mat).

From the start and throughout each project, we're continuously in touch with our clients; always planning, developing, testing, demonstrating progress and refining.

Put simply, our project management approach is all about talking and testing. Sure, we talk in tech speak when we need to, but most of the time we settle for good ol' plain English, so that we're all on the same page.

By working in an agile test-driven environment, there is always a great focus on usability, interaction, reviews and feedback. Delivering working prototypes regularly really helps the project to engage everyone involved, and to gain momentum.

Increasing software quality, reducing long term costs, and moving the project along swiftly. With our agile software development approach, there are many reasons for both teams to stay motivated and excited.

We are excited by the great impact our developments have on our clients' business. Creating greater flexibility, accessibility and happy users. Accelerating business innovations to help users achieve more.

Discover more about how our bespoke software development approach could work for you.

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