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An Ode to UX Designers

In this post we take a look at the wonderful world of UI and UX designers. Often overlooked, their talents and skill they bring to a team are invaluable, here's our ode to digital designers everywhere.

Why UX Designers Are Modern Day Heroes

One of the great changes in the software development world in recent times is undoubtedly the focus on user experience. Rightly so, if you ask us.

Gone are the days when a designer was employed to be a complementary service; to make an interface easy on the eye. Today, UI and UX designers are a fundamental part of the team. From the beginning of a development and throughout. Involved in every decision regarding the user’s interactions with the new software product. Making a software system or mobile application powerful in efficiency and capability is largely down to the designer’s input.

Here are a few good reasons why they are everyday heroes:

  • Need to understand a client’s business and users inside out

  • A superhuman ability to translate complex business and user requirements into working design elements and application functionality

  • A magic wand at their fingertips to make a brand come alive digitally. To make interfaces distinctive, stylish and on brand

  • Can make whizzing round a Mac look like child’s play

  • Simplifying complex business processes to make them feel like a walk in the park

  • Having to consider so many people and requirements. Always having to plan ahead to ensure all boxes are ticked, and all dots are connected

  • Patience of a saint, being able to take the rough with the smooth. Constant rounds of reviews, incorporating everyone’s feedback, testing, prototyping, wireframing

  • Making the user feel truly at home with the software they have in front of them. Providing an experience that is familiar, approachable and like second nature

  • A real talent for juggling the technical, the creative, the logical

  • A big old brainbox with proficiency in systems from Adobe Creative Suite to range of rapid prototyping tools. Our designers even dabble with front end development technologies

  • Always being an advocate for the user to ensure every decision is first and foremost focused on them. Making interactions simple and smooth, and relevant to their knowledge and job role

Wow, impressive work. If we weren’t so in awe of their brilliance, we’d think they were showing off.

Next time you hear a digital designer referred to as a fluffy creative type, perhaps think again. They are so very much more, and without them we wouldn’t be able to produce the exciting software experiences that we do.

UI & UX Designers, We Salute You!

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