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How bespoke software can drive digital transformation success

Going digital is a phrase we’ve all become familiar with. Since the pandemic, there’s been an acceleration in companies fast tracking their digital transformation initiatives. Next gen tech is thriving and there’s a need to connect employees in a virtual workspace. But what can really be gained from taking your processes digital and how do you get started?

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology by an organisation that aims to improve processes and increase revenue. Spreadsheets and paper files are no longer fit for purpose, not when digital systems can offer so much more. By taking analogue business processes digital or by modernising your digital systems, you are unlocking the power of technology to reframe your operating models and change the way you work, for the better.

Digital transformation is a whole change in the way your business operates; modifying and creating new experiences, processes and culture. 

  • 87% of senior business leaders say digitalisation is a priority (Gartner)
  • 89% of organisations have plans to adopt a digital-first business strategy (IDG)
  • 89% of UK business leaders say customer expectations are now digital-first (Adobe)

By 2027, it is predicted that 75% of UK companies will have transformed (Source: IDC). So, what can be gained from your turning your processes digital? Here, we explore digital trends for enterprise software and why business leaders should prioritise modernisation of business systems.

Unlock Digital Process Innovation with Bespoke Software

Custom built software is an advantageous way to begin your digital transformation journey and strengthen your market position. Software that is created specifically for your business will enable you to utilise powerful tech to innovate your processes. A bespoke business solution will become a valuable business asset while enabling your company to maximise the opportunities opened up by digital transformation. 

Designing a piece of software which focuses on using technology to improve the operation of a specific business function can reap many rewards. Streamlining resource allocation, measuring your data, tracking workloads, improving visibility will enable you to boost overall efficiency.

Investing in bespoke digital software demonstrates a commitment to:

  • Achieving technical and process innovation     
  • Continuous improvement     
  • A greener future     
  • Creating exciting digital experiences     
  • Providing responsive solutions     
  • Integrating all corners of your business

When bespoke software is built from the ground up, increasing operational efficiency for all types of workers is a key consideration. Administrative tasks such as scheduling and invoice creation can be automated. Freeing up time to allow employees to revolve their day around creative and challenging tasks as well as training and upskilling activities. Having a business software system which creates a centralised digital employee experience can also help to support new hybrid workplaces. 

Types of Bespoke Software Systems:

  • Project Planning and Production Management System
  • Line of Business Mobile Apps
  • Business Process Automation System
  • Asset Tracking and Management System
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System
  • Customer Facing Web Portal
  • Customer Data Platforms

Achieve a High Quality of Business Automation

Innovative tech platforms coupled with lightning-fast download speeds are leading to increasingly automated operations. Less human intervention is required to manage and maintain data. The Internet of Things is rapidly becoming self-managed, via technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. 

Yet many companies are still relying on systems which don't make the most of automation tech and cloud platforms. 

Digital software solutions can improve productivity with the help of clever business process automation to complete online tasks quickly and smoothly. By focusing on automating complex manual processes and simplifying workflows, time will be saved, data will be more accurate, and the user experience will be more enjoyable. 

Top tech leaders are predicting that the successful implementation of hyperautomation will enable businesses to achieve operational excellence in a digital first world. 
Combining multiple technologies and platforms including machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, hyperautomation. Existing digital processes can be made fewer and involve less resources with the effective adoption of hyperautomation in the workplace. 

Innovative Process Automation can help to Achieve Operation Excellence in a Digital First World:

  • Take care of high-volume tasks
  • Improve speed of interactions 
  • Produce a higher quality of work 
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Gain greater data insights
  • Reduce human error
  • Improve compliance
  • Lower operational costs

Moving On Up to the Cloud 

Making your software application available to staff and customers online will open up new possibilities.  Bespoke software developers can restructure and rebuild your system into a native cloud environment, which centralises your system, reduces maintenance costs and provides a fast, reliable service. 

Introducing a cloud-based centralised software system can offer greater transparency. With cloud hosting, no matter where you are, if you’ve got an internet connection you can be working. Bespoke business applications which are hosted on the cloud can be developed to sync mobile data on and offline for working in remote locations, to ensure that speed and security are always of the essence. 

Team leaders and managers no longer need to wait for face-to-face meetings to be presented with results; they’re there for the taking. Allowing everyone to be on the same digital page.

Protect your Data with Premium Digital Security

The security of business data outside of the traditional office space is often a concern for business owners, particularly with mission critical data. Modern software is built using the very best secure tech and hosted with reputable cloud providers who are compliant with high levels of security.

  • High security standards are considered from the outset     
  • Quality assurance testing throughout development     
  • Audit trails track user activity     
  • Access is restricted to data through user permissions     
  • Automated security patches and updates     
  • Robust layers of encryption to protect sensitive data

Tackle One Business Function at a Time

Recent research (Celonis) reveals that 45% of companies don’t know where to start with digital transformation. There’s so much choice and pressure to accelerate change. Simplicity is key - focusing on one business function at a time can work wonders. Software systems are usually an extension of other business systems, so it’s important not to look at them in isolation or as a limiting factor. One piece of software can be built to be part of a larger digital ecosystem. Adopting digital processes is a big change. There’s no need to try and do it all at once.

Gradual improvement can:

  • Lower risk and disruption
  • Build confidence with staff and stakeholders
  • Demonstrate improvements
  • Develop in rapid product cycles

Turn Over A New Digital Leaf

Digital transformation doesn’t have to involve completely overhauling your business but utilising digital technologies to work smarter and faster. Let our specialist development team help you turn over a new leaf and take your first steps towards digitalisation. 

Our bespoke software experts also offer guidance on how to make the prospect of going from a paper or desktop system to a modern cloud software application less daunting. So, you too can maximise the power of digital tech to innovate and transform your business processes. Get in touch with our team to get your digital transformation journey kickstarted.



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