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Web apps and native apps

The Best App for Your Enterprise Needs

Developing an app that encompasses and showcases your business, is an important thing to get right first time round. Essentially, it will be the face of your enterprise as well as being the first point of contact majority of your customers have with your company.

However, before you get into the finer details of how the UI will function and look, you first need to decide what type of app is a better for your business needs. Would you prefer to have your customers use a web app to browse, or to download a native app, to use on their smart device or desktop?

At Clever Software Group, our talented team of custom software developers can help you devise either platform. Here is an overview of both web and native apps, so you can have a better understanding of how they would work for your business.


What is a Web App?

Web apps are very versatile pieces of technology. They work online via browsers and are used for a multitude of purposes, from retail to ticket booking.

Web apps don’t take up much storage at all and are typically easier to maintain than native apps. Bespoke software developers don’t have access to software development kits (SDK) when crafting web apps, however templates are available for them to work with.

In theory, web apps are much quicker to develop and therefore cheaper to produce. However, they do not always offer the same functionality and features as native apps. This is a very important aspect to consider, as you need to contemplate how your desired end user will interact with the final app interface. Despite this, web apps are very transferable examples of software; they can be accessed via any form of web browser, from an unlimited number of devices, in any preferred location – you get the picture.

Although very accessible, web apps can sometimes operate at a slower pace, depending on how browser-side data is stored and cached. However, the beauty of a web browser is not having to install or download anything. A browser is all that is required and you are good to go.

Food for thought: Less browsing is now taking place on desktops. Our digital habits have moved towards smartphones and devices, which occupy majority of our screen time.


What is a Native App?

A native app is a form of custom software development that can be downloaded on a device and accessed by clicking on a icon, featured on a gadget screen. Typically they are developed for one platform, with different formats for various operating systems. Native apps utilize the features of the device to enable a better user experience, including access to location services and contact lists.

Unlike some web apps, nearly all of native apps provide a notification service. Users will usually be alerted of any updates, messaging or offers that the native app company has available. A very good marketing tool to make use of.

Whereas web apps purely operate online, native apps have the ability to function offline at full capacity. In this respect, they are more mobile (pardon the pun) than web applications. We are moving into a ‘mobile first’ technological environment, with most platforms now being optimized for mobile usage. In correlation with this, native apps are typically faster than web apps, making them much more user friendly.

Nevertheless, native apps take a lot more time to maintain and support, as opposed to web apps. Instead of being able to deploy updates as and when they are ready, native web updates need to be ‘packaged’ as a new version and uploaded onto a system app store. This means that the upkeep of native apps is more costly, but users will arguably have a better experience when using a native app.


Finishing Thoughts

Fundamentally, web and native apps both cater to an array of different needs. It all really depends on the problem you are trying to solve, with the bespoke software solution you want to craft. Both equally have their own strengths and weaknesses, but it comes down to the needs you wish to address, creating the best fit for your company.

If you need help deciding if a web or native app is more appropriate for your business, please get in touch today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you build a bespoke software system for your unique business needs.



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