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The rise of enterprise mobility.

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What Could a Bespoke Business App Bring to your Business?

Mobile apps for business are undoubtedly increasing in demand, performance and scalability.

Advancing cloud technologies are opening up great possibilities for workforces to work closer together than ever before.

With an increasingly greater mobile workforce, there is a need to produce, communicate and work smarter from outside of the traditional office environment.

More and more, we are seeing that our clients are looking to develop mobile strategies to help achieve enterprise mobility for their business. Our business app software developers look to produce a strategy that our client's business can continue to benefit from as the mobile market soars and innovates.

Here are our top reasons why creating a custom line of business app could help your workforce to achieve more.

Types of Line Of Business Apps

Line of business apps that focus on data integrity, security, an intuitive user experience and solving a problem are typically the most effective.

Ranging in scale from customer relationship management and data reporting systems to file and task management, bespoke business apps are designed with both customers and colleagues in mind.

A bespoke CRM application will not only facilitate remote workers, it can contribute to a greater customer experience too. Enhancing professionalism, lowering administration costs, and increasing response rates all at the same time.

Our mobile-first software developers have created web based applications with end-to-end enterprise capabilities, as well as native applications with a singular focus and hybrid modular applications that become part of a bespoke suite of apps.

Custom business apps can also be integrated with existing business systems to enable greater visibility for employees to see what other areas of the organisation are working towards. Employees can also access apps from their own device at any time, and feel like they are a part of a project even when they're not with the rest of their team.

Of course, there are plenty of off the shelf solutions, but few could offer all the benefits of a business app designed especially for and with your business and with support from the software developers themselves.

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Increased Productivity, Communication and Engagement

For remote workers, mobility is business-critical.

From field engineers and medical professionals on-call to maintenance workers and sales teams; business apps are the most useful for those who need to capture accurate data when out of the office while staying connected to the wider business. There's no need to wait until they're back at their desk to upload new findings, instead it can be uploaded and received by others instantly.

If a task-specific app is to become an employee's primary tool, then a mobile-first approach should be considered. Designing an application specifically for the mobile platform.

Field workers are rarely far away from their mobile device, so it makes sense to create an application which best serves their job function and user behaviour.

Although there's nothing quite like a good old fashioned phone call, sometimes instant messaging is a more convenient means of internal communication between colleagues. Business apps that incorporate secure messaging channels can help team members to collaborate even when miles apart.

Even for office-based team members, there are many ways in which a business app can increase their engagement. Personalised dashboards on a task management app, for example, may display individual schedules, contacts and top level data to help with prioritising workloads.

Streamlining business processes in these ways can lead to greater efficiency, smarter decisions and happy, smiley people too.

Highly Accessible Data On The Go

Scalable, powerful and accessible anywhere, anytime, our database and software developers design systems that fully optimise the capability of cloud services. Connecting people within working teams while allowing for greater data handling and analysis.

Richer data capture while working in the field can enable access to enhanced business intelligence more instantly, leading to smarter decision-making on the go.

Increases in flexible working practices means more team members are working away from the office. With team members working from home, on the train, at airports and even on foreign shores, access to data is needed instantly and all times of the day and night.

Line of business apps can be developed to sync mobile data on and off line for working in remote locations, to ensure that speed and security are always of the essence. The very latest data insights are available precisely when they're needed. Even when working offline, business apps can save data to be uploaded to the main system when convenient.

Using SQL Cloud based centralised systems, database developers are able to take large data sets, and compile into clear top-level dashboards for all levels of user to view at a glance.

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Intuitive to Ways Of Working

User insights are key to developing an immersive, highly intuitive business app. Involving employees in defining user interactions, design and testing means their insights and buy-in will be invaluable.

Our software developers would also advise consulting with internal IT departments early on in the mobile development process; to start considering a streamlined approach to data integration and aligning IT and data security policies.

As tempting as it may be to get stuck into dreaming up a features wish-list and architecting usability functions, the secret is all in getting the technology right from the get-go. One of the fundamental decisions in designing a business app is choosing the most relevant technology. What works well on iOS is not always best practice on Android.

Expert software developers for mobile have a thorough understanding of each platform, and how to apply best practice to extract the maximum amount of processing power from the device for smooth performance. They will be able to advise on functionalities that will enable specific job roles to benefit from quicker interactions.

For hybrid mobile app development, UX designers will also ensure that responsive web design is applied to ensure the app is flexible across operating systems as well as across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Achieving Enterprise Mobility

In an ideal world, all business operations could be brought together in a bespoke centralised application, available across mobile and web platforms. We've seen first-hand how fully integrated enterprise apps can increase efficiencies and shape collaborative team work. Some of our larger clients are benefitting in numerous ways from connecting their workforce with an application that services all departments and functions.

In reality, there really is no need to try and do everything at once. Planning of a singular app is multifaceted in itself with strategies to manage technology, deployment, data models and training. A phased strategy considers a range of mobile solutions and modular apps for different business functions.

Better still, business apps with a singular function, and well-rounded implementation plan, can be achieved in rapid product cycles. By keeping it simple, results can be seen quicker, and pave the way for a suite of business apps targeted at specific business functions. Focus on doing it right the first time and you'll be much better equipped to build an app empire.

Bespoke Business App Software Developers

Line of Business apps are great when they solve problems. By having measurable goals, clarifying what you want your app to achieve, and ensuring there is a genuine problem to be solved will ensure your app delivers real value.

You know your business. We know mobile. Get in touch with our software developers for mobile to see how we could start collaborating.

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