How Software Consultants Make A Difference?

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What Exactly do Software Consultants do?

When it comes to the process of bespoke software development, there's not many complexities that our trusty Software Consultants haven't taken care of.

So, what exactly do our Software Consultants get up to? What role do our team play in the process; how important is it for us to provide a consultative approach? And how can Software Consultancy benefit your software project?

So glad you asked, here's everything you need to know.

Getting Your Software Project Kickstarted

Essentially our software consultancy approach starts at our very first conversation. We are here to introduce you to the bespoke software development process. Often before your project is given the green light.

Our team work closely with clients to assess your current business processes and to develop a detailed software strategy. Defining how processes can be enhanced and business objectives met.

We aim to equip you with the knowledge and clearly defined approach needed to help mitigate risk and gain stakeholder approval. You may be a new venture with a software concept in need of further research. Or perhaps you have a project that is raring to go, but needs technical guidance. Either way we can offer tailored advice, recommendations and an approach that would best suit your business.

Ultimately our software consultants seek to make you confident that your software development project will add business value, and is heading in the right direction.

Providing Custom Technical Support

Led by highly skilled individuals who have earned their stripes in senior software development roles, and moved onto strategic roles, our software consultancy service specialises in providing custom technical guidance.

However, we always aim to communicate in a non-technical way. Prioritising clear thinking and plain speaking. To fundamentally simplify a complex business process, with the right technology and software solution for your business and users.

You may need technical advice on how to integrate all your business systems into a new software model. Or perhaps we can help to introduce you to the advantages of cloud computing or other new and secure technologies. We can provide you with considered recommendations to help your project progress.

Carrying Out Business and Systems Analysis

Because we specialise in bespoke, we begin by getting to know how your business operates. Understanding your current standing, your competitors, your corporate strategy, your long-term mission. So that we can provide a software solution that is completely unique to what you are trying to achieve.

Our software consultancy service starts this process of discovery by researching and analysing your current technology architecture and usage and business processes and performance. Our software consultants can assess whether you are utilising the optimum technology, and which systems can enable you to evolve.

We work closely with both system users and IT staff to build a clear picture of your existing operations. We then review how these operations align with your business strategy, and begin to define how we can create a software solution which will bridge the gaps.

Matching your current technical standing with your project budget and strategic goals, our software consultants can help to plan a phased approach to accelerating innovations. To source the best approach for integrating your systems and migrating your data to something new.

Producing Requirements Specification and Software Strategy Documentation

Our software consultants are experienced technical writers. They are skilled in eliciting the relevant information, and articulating project requirements in a way that both software developers and the client can understand.

Having a well thought out specification and quality requirements documentation makes the world of difference to any bespoke software development project. It is the starting point and remains the focal point for which software developers refer back to throughout the development process.

Our software consultancy service can help to clearly define key functionality, security user behaviours, performance output, technical capabilities, amongst other key components. This parent document is the baseline for all testing and validation throughout development. We can help you to express this level of detail. When a software specification is created correctly and carefully it can save time and resources later on in the project.

We are also able to help devise a software strategy for your business. If you have ideas beyond this project, perhaps plans for a phased development of an enterprise suite of applications, we are able to advise on an effective approach. With a view to making you confident and motivated in your decision making.

Consistently Delivering High Standards

For us, our software consultancy service is about constantly delivering ways to make your systems work better for you. To deliver a personalised advisory service that extends beyond deployment dates.

Even after your new software is in place, we can continue to provide guidance on how to make updates and grow your application in line with your business.

Our software consultants are here to build a solid software partnership. To ensure our team of software developers are delivering a consistently high standard of client experience.

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