What is Bespoke Software?

How Bespoke Software Can Help Your Business to Achieve More

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How Bespoke Software Can Help Your Business to Achieve More

Finding the perfect ready-made software that ticks all your requirement boxes can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. When looking for the ideal software package for your business, do not forget you have TWO main options.  

Sure, there is likely to be an off-the-shelf software package that could help improve some of the things that make your business function. Yet would it not be even better to have a bespoke software solution developed that does exactly what you need it to, without having to compromise? Something that makes you work more efficiently and maximises the opportunities opened up by digital transformation.  

What is Bespoke Software? 

In a nutshell, bespoke software is a custom-made enterprise application designed to your exact business needs. At Clever Software Group we produce super smart Native Windows and Web based software to help our customers to grow.  

So often we see companies adapting their working methods to suit the pre-packaged database or desktop application at hand. Making the best of what they have. The beauty of having your software system tailor made is that you make technology work for you, not the other way around. Freeing you from limitations.  

At the heart of what we do is creating simplified digital experiences. We look at how we can help you to move your processes into a centralised workspace and use automation techniques to create more streamlined workflows. Enhancing, optimising and work smarter to achieve business goals and to give you a competitive edge over your competitors. 

Advantages of Bespoke Software 

Drive greater efficiencies 

Delivering efficiencies and enhanced communications, we develop workflow management software that effortlessly automates processes. Enabling business process automation and driving greater efficiencies for industry leaders looking to innovate and work smarter.  

Bespoke software can incorporate impressive data capture and reporting tools to provide a powerful centralised hub of information. When integrated with cloud technology, which can provide secure handling of large data sets, you can have greater visibility of how your business is operating and in turn make smarter decisions.  

Create a Unique Business Asset 

A bespoke business solution will become a valuable business asset. Custom software that is created specifically for your business will enable you to utilise powerful tech to innovate your processes.  

Bespoke software is an investment. The initial cost can seem higher compared to off-the-shelf software, and while it may seem that off the shelf is a fast and cheaper alternative, in the long run, it will prove to be more expensive because of licensing, upgrade and subscription costs. On the contrary, bespoke can provide the competitive edge that you can gain by developing better systems than your competitors. You’ll come to know that eventually, bespoke software pays off.   

Accelerate Digital Change 

Now that we’re firmly embedded in the digital age long gone are the days when we keep projects on paper. In today's vibrant and rapidly changing world, bespoke software can help accelerate business through digital change. With an increasingly greater mobile workforce, there is a need to produce, communicate and work smarter from outside of the traditional office environment. At Clever Software Group we help our clients embrace and utilise digital technology to automate and streamline their organisation's manual practices.  

Designing a piece of software which focuses on using technology to improve the operation of a specific business function can reap many rewards. Streamlining resource allocation, measuring your data, tracking workloads, improving visibility, and help to kick-start digital first processes.  

Create Custom User Experiences 

One of the best things about bespoke software is creating a custom user experience, which is accessible, intuitive, easy to use and unique to your way of working. You have the ability to customise how you want your software to look and feel when navigating through it, and you have the freedom to choose how you want each feature to function.  

At Clever Software Group we design software for people. We have a dedicated UX design team who define a logical and efficient user flow which perfectly replicates your user’s job role or customer need. To ensure their software provides with the power to work efficiently and effortlessly. 

Receive Knowledgeable Guidance and Support 

Bespoke software development teams like we have at CSG are made up of multi-skilled and talented people. User Experience Designers, Project Managers, Sofware and Database Developers and Quality Assurance Testers ensure that all bases are covered. Every part of your requirement is assessed to translate complex business and user requirements into a seamless experience that provides purposeful functionality. By really understanding the problem you have, our software development team can get to grips with the ‘why’ of the project and devise a fully comprehensive solution.  

Even after your bespoke software project goes live, there will be a time when you might encounter a bug, or your software requires an update. When this happens, it is important to be able to have a fully supported team to give you peace of mind to allow you to concentrate on your business operations. Having a bespoke software solution at your fingertips will enable your business to smoothly accommodate processes. 

Protect and Manage your Data  

Security is of utmost importance when you’re running a business. Bespoke software offers a highly secure solution compared to off the shelf software. With bespoke software developers, cyber-security standards are also high. Implementing multi factor authentication and highly secure encryption methods ensures the protection of passwords and sensitive information.  

At Clever Software Group, we host bespoke software within the Microsoft Azure cloud, keeping your data in safe hands with tailored backup and disaster recovery services in place to mitigate risk.   

Scalable, Agile Software 

Just like any business, bespoke software needs to grow to withstand market trends, modern technologies and competitors. That’s why it’s really important for bespoke software to be built with future scalability in mind; factoring in how the software can evolve.  

At Clever Software we work in agile development environment, which allows us to work openly and flexibly with a cycle of regular interactions and test points. Our software developers test as they code, produce working prototypes throughout, and adapt to client feedback. Using an agile process gives the opportunity to allow frequent feedback and testing that are so critical for the creation of a robust and reliable system. 

Examples of Bespoke Software for Businesses 

With bespoke software, anything is possible. And advancing digital tech means you are spoilt for choice with what you can achieve. From case management systems for solicitors to sweep away the piles of paperwork, to retail software that keeps stock flowing. Here are 5 examples of bespoke software systems that can benefit businesses.  

Production Management and Planning 

Production planning software ensures smooth running of projects, from the conception of planning to management and optimisation of daily tasks such as allocating employees and resources to various projects within the scheduled timeframe. Production management and planning software work wonders for construction and manufacturing business, where project managers need access to live data, schedules and progress reports which are unique to their operations.  

Automated Invoicing Application 

An automated invoice processing system is when companies process invoices with little or no interaction from humans. The software extracts populate and manage invoice data. This can speed up invoice processing time, reduce the risks of manual processes like fraud and errors, and improve cash flow. Automated Invoicing Applications are often found on ecommerce sites to offer a seamless transaction experience for customers. Bespoke automated invoicing applications utilise hyperautomation tech to allow accounts departments in a whole range of companies to better manage order flows, billing, invoicing and payments. 

Warehouse Systems 

A custom-built warehouse management system can track and automate inventory, order picking and packing, shipping management, inventory tracking, warehouse navigation for workers, warehouse labour planning in a way that benefits their business. For example, a supply chain and logistics company may need to understand how their teams are performing. Having a warehouse software with specific reporting tools and processes can help these companies to make smarter decisions, connect with staff and improve their performance.  

Customer Web Portals 

A customer web portal is a secure website that provides customers with access to company information, such as policies, invoices, deliveries, orders, and online payments. A customer portal is regularly available 24/7, 365 days a year on a desktop or mobile device such as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. The leisure industry often needs web portals to create a seamless booking system. Gyms, for example, can create a fully tailored web portal which allows members to access anytime, can sign up to classes whenever they want without messaging the Gym directly, allowing end-user freedom and convenience. With a bespoke system in place, gyms can offer functionality which is specific to their facilities and classes and can also make updates in response to customer feedback.  

Learning Management System 

A learning management system is a software application that provides the framework that handles all aspects of the learning process. A learning Management System is used with a company like Skillshare or Learning and Development department within an organisation to house, deliver, and track training content. Systems like these allows training to be added and users can learn on the system and track their training in one place. Bespoke software can provide tools and access which is unique to your training programme, creating a learning hub which is easy to navigate and communicate with. 

Elevate your business with bespoke software 

More businesses are making the transition from off-the-shelf software to bespoke software solutions because they know the reward of having a unique software specific to their needs. You too can reap the benefits of an individually crafted piece of bespoke software development and remain ahead of the curve. See how we rise to the challenge through our client stories.  

At Clever Software Group we specialise in bespoke software development. So, if you have a bespoke software need in mind, feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.  



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